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Vawdrey Australia unveils new Swingliner model

  • Posted on Monday 19th, March 2012.

2011 has been a busy, yet successful year for Australian trailer expert Vawdrey. After revealing an all-electric buckle-less curtain system and a patented automatic mezzanine floor system in May, the Dandenong-based company introduced a revolutionary working-at-heights safety solution, FPSS, in December.

At the 2012 ITTES, Vawdrey once again took the centre stage when the company’s new two-in-one model, named Swingliner, was officially unveiled. Based on the patented Wingliner design, the new model has taken the innovative concept to a new level by incorporating the latest in refrigeration technology.

The ultra-flexible Swingliner was designed to make the daily loading and unloading process easier, faster and – most importantly – safer. The insulated sidewall can be opened quickly and effortlessly with the push of a button, allowing for unhindered access to the load area while the driver can remain at a safe distance.

“Creating a clear load area is the next step to creating a safe work environment and provide a targeted transport service,” says Sales Director, Paul Vawdrey.  “It’s our mission to provide a modern and specifically calibrated vehicle for the task at hand, which is inherently safer and are better for the drivers. We simply want to give the client exactly the right vehicle for the job.”

As the automatic sidewall of the Swingliner can fold up and lie flat on the roof, there is no risk of injury during the loading and unloading process. “But despite the innovative design, you can still use all types of standard load restraint equipment and eliminate expensive special solutions,” says Paul.

“And due to our all-around seal and the proven strength of the Vawdrey body, we were able to prevent the penetration of dust, moisture, and theft to provide the best protection in all applications,” he adds. “No other vehicle in Australia is as versatile while providing the same level of reliability and build quality.

“Using the Swingliner, you can literally take on any work without hesitation, additional effort, or sacrificing quality, because it is freezer and van at the same time – a true two-in-one vehicle allowing for a quick change between dry and frozen freight. These reverse logistics are the ideal tool to maximise efficiency in today’s contested transport market.

“The new design is more than just an evolution of the original Wingliner concept; it’s a whole new vehicle that has not been seen in Australia before. And, as the cooling unit also powers the operation of the automatic side-wall, drivers have less trouble in operating the system, hence they remain motivated and continue to outperform the competition,” he adds.

According to Vawdrey, no other vehicle is as adaptable as the new Swingliner series – making it the ideal tool to compete in Australia’s transport industry. “There will always be a push for additional weight reduction and increased aerodynamic design as people focus on the environmental impact of the transport industry, but we have seen recently that especially in the refrigerated market there is a move back to equipment that is built for longevity and reliability instead of focusing on lighter design at any cost,” he explains.

“We believe our future success depends on our ability to understand our clients and design an individualised solution to simplify their daily work – and that’s exactly what the Swingliner does. If we then back them up with national service and support, which is critical in a vast country like Australia, we will continue to grow and thrive in what is seen as uncertain times.”

The construction of the Swingliner is not limited to any fixed dimension; it can be customised to meet individual requirements.

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