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Viterra bolsters supply chain with dynamic binning expansion

  • Posted on Tuesday 9th, July 2019.

Leading grain distributor, Viterra, has announced it will introduce dynamic binning for barley across its network ahead of the 2019/2020 harvest.

The South Australian-based company which already provides dynamic binning for wheat is increasing its focus on improvements to its supply chain as it looks to pass on cost savings directly to grower customers chiefly through gains in efficiency.

According to Viterra Operations Manager Michael Hill growers will have the opportunity to have their barley upgraded with dynamic binning available for malting barley varieties Planet, Scope, Spartacus and Compass as well as Feed1.

“We are pleased to introduce barley dynamic binning following the success of wheat dynamic binning last harvest and feedback from growers asking for a similar option for barley,” he said.

“Our wheat dynamic binning provided significant value back to growers, approximately $6 million in the 2018/19 harvest, and we will again provide it this harvest for ASW1, APW1, H2 and H1 grades," said Hill.

“We’ve been able to provide a valuable service to growers while also maintaining market access for South Australian grain and continuing to meet the high standards of end use customer requirements."

Hill said the classification process inherent in dynamic binning creates efficiencies that improved turnaround times at harvest as retests were not as often requested.

Viterra made a significant upgrade to its IT grain management system in 2018, which enables the quality of grain to be monitored closely in real time to ensure it meets outturn standards.

“We provide the upgrade instantly at classification and the grain is available immediately for growers to transact,” said Hill.

“If the rolling stack average for a grade falls below the GTA receival standards then dynamic binning will not be available until the average again meets grade receival standards. This is to ensure that grain is not compromised at outturn.”

In February Viterra announced it was moving its grain supply from rail to road transport.

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