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VTA condemns port picketing

  • Posted on Friday 1st, December 2017.

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has recently picketed the gates to the newest container port in Australia located at Webb Dock, Melbourne, according to the Victorian Transport Association.

The MUA is reportedly demanding that Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) reinstate a casual worker who is ineligible for the necessary waterfront security clearance.

“VICT are not willing to break the law by caving into the MUA’s demands,” the VTA said in a statement.

“The effect of this disruption to the thousands of containers being loaded and unloaded from the Glasgow Express, which has been held at Webb Dock for four days, means that millions of dollars’ worth of import and export goods will not reach their markets in time.

This will mean huge costs being absorbed by thousands of businesses. The flow on effect will eventually be to all consumers and customers,” the VTA said.

VTA CEO, Peter Anderson, has called for an end to the action. 

“This type of disruption, at this time of year, takes the industrial relations environment back 25 years,” said Anderson. “The adverse effect will be felt by people and families that have nothing to do with the MUA political agenda.

“The VTA condemns this action and urges the MUA to release the workers back to their jobs and use the arbitration system to sort out the employment issue,” he said.

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