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VTA lauds transport industry response to bushfires

  • Posted on Tuesday 7th, January 2020.

Australians, as expected, have responded magnificently, and with selfless enthusiasm and generosity, to the bushfire crisis unfolding around the country, according to Victorian Transport Association CEO, Peter Anderson.

"It has been humbling to witness the heroics of volunteer fire fighters and first responders protecting life and property, as well as the generosity of ordinary citizens donating money, food, clothing, shelter and whatever else they can to fellow citizens impacted by the fires," he said.

"The transport industry is most certainly doing its bit to help, with supply chain logistics a key part of virtually every aspect of bushfire response and disaster recovery.

"As an industry we should be proud of our efforts to support the early phases of recovery: images of convoys of feed for livestock; water, food and supplies delivered to impacted communities; and people being transported out of fire zones are visual examples of how the transport industry is responding, with much more being done behind the scene to minimise disruptions in the supply chain.

"As governments act and communities recover, it will be important for the role of supply chains and logistics to feature prominently in the long-term planning likely to be undertaken by permanent bureaucracies being established state and federally to respond to the permanent threat of bushfire.

"The VTA stands ready to advise these new agencies on how the transport industry can support their efforts. Short-term disruptions such as road and bridge closures can be overcome but what’s important is that the long-term planning is done now to mitigate future supply chain disruptions."

The VTA has urged operators to note road closures.

"At a practical level, we urge all operators to take note of extensive road closures in the north and east part of Victoria, and elsewhere around Australia – flood and fire has cut off road access to Western Australia for up to five days," said Anderson.

"The Victorian Department of Transport has listed the closure of more than 100 roads so please consult the VicTraffic website when planning your journey.

"It is also advisable to have your drivers install the VicEmergency app on their smartphone for real time updates on fire activity throughout the state," he said.

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