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Walking out the floor: Keith – 2019 BTS Preview

  • Posted on Wednesday 15th, May 2019.

With certain bulk haulage applications tipping trailers may not be practical or safe, Keith Walking Floor technology provides a horizontal unloading solution designed to effectively and safely discharge a wide range of bulk materials.

According to Zyggy Reinoga, Keith Walking Floor Australia Manager – Australia Sales, diminished unloading efficiency due to the build-up of compacted and hard to shift product can be an issue associated with moving floor trailer operations.

To alleviate this issue, Keith Manufacturing has continued to refine and develop its moving floor system that incorporates a mechanical V-shaped slat floor designed to provide superior grip on the material as it shifts it from the front to the rear of the trailer.

“The rugged V-Floor slats are teamed with the Keith RFII_DX Drive, which is the next generation of the reliable and proven Running Floor II drive technology,” Zyggy explains.

“The double-rod arrangement of the RFII_DX Drive hydraulic system divides the moving forces between both ends of the drive frame, thus minimising mechanical stresses and enabling faster unload times.”

He proceeds to describe the benefits of the moving floor unloading system.
“The horizontal unloading action of a moving floor system eliminates many of the hazards of using tipping trailers to unload products in the field,” Zyggy says.

“There are a number of factors that can cause tippers to become unstable when raised for unloading, including uneven ground surfaces, wet material that ‘hangs-up’ at the front or otherwise does not unload evenly and inclement weather such as wind gusts.

“Trailers with Keith Walking Floor systems can safely unload on uneven ground – providing a precisely controlled material discharge – and are certainly not affected by windy conditions,” Zyggy says.

“In addition, these units can unload adjacent to other equipment, which is not recommended for tipping trailers due to the risk of rollover.”
Zyggy goes on to say that another major benefit of Keith Walking Floor equipped trailers is that there is no chance of hitting overhead power lines or overhanging tree branches during the unloading process.

These trailers also possess the versatility to unload in tunnels, under bridges and inside buildings where headroom is restricted.

“The bottom line is that trailers specified with a Keith Walking Floor provide hauliers with flexible unloading options that simply can’t be matched by tippers,” he says.

“For example, unloading can be stopped or slowed as required, allowing for the precise delivery of partial or multi-drop loads at different locations.
“The system also copes with a wide variety of bulk materials, from abrasive products such as asphalt, aggregate and scrap metal to lighter materials like wood chips and mulch.

“All up, the flexibility to unload in situations that may not be practical or safe with tipping trailers provides operators using Keith Walking Floor equipped trailers with added versatility in regard to their scope of operations.”

Keith Walking Floor will exhibit at stand 141, mezzanine.

Fast Fact
The Keith V-Floor range of unloading systems, which feature specialised highly wear-resistant steel slats, is claimed to be designed to handle difficult and heavy abrasive loads such as those peculiar to the recycling, light construction and demolition sectors.

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