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Walking with the times: Keith Manufacturing Co.

  • Posted on Monday 2nd, December 2019.

Over the past 45 years, Keith Manufacturing Co. has worked tirelessly to adapt its proven Walking floor® technology to suit operators’ specific requirements. The enduring results can be seen in a range of safer, more efficient and versatile trailers.

The introduction of Keith’s rugged V-FLOOR® slat system some 15 years ago allowed the owners of thus equipped trailers to take on loads others had to
pass on.

The V-FLOOR® slats are designed for the harshest of conditions and feature ultra-high impact and abrasion resistance. Accordingly, they are suitable for demanding loads including demolition, scrap metal, aggregate, asphalt and specialty waste products such as fly ash.

With today’s tight operating climate, transport operators must maximise trailer utilisation and having equipment which enables the backhauling of a range of products has the potential to significantly increase the overall efficiency of the fleet.

According to Keith, recent improvements to the V-FLOOR® design have increased the versatility of the unloading system.

The major advantages include an increase in the floor area that actually moves the load and a significant reduction in the weight of the slats. The new design is said to be up to six kilograms lighter per metre, compared to the original design.

With more floor surface now moving the load, Keith says operators will experience improved cleanout, more efficient unloading on an incline, better performance in freezing conditions, and the ability to haul and unload a greater variety of materials.

Added bearing support is also claimed to increase the life of both the bearings and the slats.

Built to accommodate a wide variety of bulk products, the KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® system is designed to offer a number of tangible benefits over conventional tipper trailers.

For example, the horizontal unloading action of a moving floor system eliminates some major hazards associated with  tipping trailers including instability when unloading on uneven ground or in windy conditions, and the risk of personnel injury in the event of the trailer contacting overhead electrical wires.

Trailers with WALKING FLOOR® systems can also safely unload inside buildings or in other height restricted areas.

Keith adds that the benefits over traditional belt or live-bottom trailers include handling a larger cubic capacity and less maintenance.

The WALKING FLOOR® serves as the flooring of the trailer in addition to a self-unloading system. It consists of a series of hydraulically operated floor slats which move relative to each other.

As the floor cycles through its phases, material is conveyed or ‘walked’ out the rear of the trailer.

Fast Fact
Introduced some 15 years ago, Keith’s rugged V-FLOOR® slat system has recently received design improvements providing increased floor area and a significant weight reduction of up to six kilograms per metre of floor, compared to the original design.

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