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Start-up launches cloud system for warehouse management

  • Posted on Tuesday 18th, August 2015.

Warehousing and removals management company Zapala has announced the launch of a cloud-based platform for managing warehousing, removal, relocation and storage businesses.

Dubbed Zapala Go, the system was developed in co-operation with tech start-up BlueChilli and will allow the warehousing management industry to manage entire operations from a secure, scalable cloud-based platform.

According to Zapala CEO Carlos Ferri (pictured above), it allows business operators to track and trace storage boxes or containers from overseas agents, interstate or local, through acceptance into warehouses, into storage, and then back out to customer premises, with full control of jobs, electronic inventories, goods with history, photos and specific locations.

Ferri commented the system would arrive at a time where the industry was ripe for disruption.

“The inspiration for the product came from my own frustration with the out-dated and unreliable technology my industry uses to manage the tracking of items — where they have come from, what they are stored in, where they need to go to and who they belong to,” he explained.

“It doesn’t seem much to ask to be able to reliably track the passage of goods from one party to another and yet the solutions that were available to us were unreliable, inflexible, paper based and out-dated.”

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