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  • BPW Eco Plus

    March 2017

    BPW Eco Plus

    Melbourne’s Quality Control Freight Management (QCFM) is only five years into business. From just one truck and trailer in 2012, the fresh produce transporter can now boast 20 trucks and trailers and has expanded its operations into Brisbane and Sydney.

    Although the company could be considered ‘new blood’ in the industry, Managing Director, Eddie Quadara, speaks with considerable experience about the transport OEMs and suppliers that he has worked with since starting his trucking career. Thanks to their constant support, Eddie says QCFM has continued its upward growth trajectory.

    “We keep contracts ongoing with our customers because we get the job done efficiently, which is only possible thanks to all the hard work behind the scenes by our team,” Eddie says. “That team now includes State Operation Managers, a National Compliance Manager, Fleet Manager, administrative staff and drivers, but it also suppliers like Volvo Trucks Australia, MaxiTRANS and BPW Transpec, whose support has been crucial to making deliveries seamless.”

    That support, and the relationships built thereafter, are why the majority of the QCFM fleet runs on gear from BPW Transpec, such as the Eco Plus disc brake axles (see below). 

    “Behind the scenes, the team at BPW Transpec like Peter Hart, Olivia Corrado-Micich and Stefan Oelhafen are the ones who put in all the effort and hours of work to make our job easier,” Eddie says. “They take full accountability for the product and the company, even answering phone calls after hours if I have a question.

    “That’s the support I provide my customers, so it’s important to our business that we get the same support from our suppliers, and BPW Transpec has been phenomenal from day one.”

    One of Eddie’s first experiences with the component supplier soon after the company started in 2012 involved taking a look at a secondhand unit with a bearing issue. 

    “It had been serviced previously by a third party, which had replaced the bearing with a non-genuine part,” Eddie recalls. “BPW Transpec came out on-site and the first thing they did was make sure we had a way to deliver our freight to our customer. In the meantime, they pulled the unit apart, rebuilt it with genuine parts and it hasn’t had a single issue since.”

    Having the equipment specified consistently throughout most of the fleet makes managing service and maintenance a simple task for QCFM’s Fleet Manager, though Eddie notes that the heavy-duty components rarely need much attention. “It just makes life so much easier to have the BPW brand across the board, so we can concentrate on building the business rather than our team wasting resources chasing down numerous suppliers,” Eddie says – adding that working with BPW has allowed him and his team to make critical changes in other areas of the business, most importantly on a partnership level in 2016.

    “I felt that I was spending too much energy on the operational aspects of my business under the old partnership,” he says. “Surrounding myself now with good people who think laterally has freed up my time and enabled me to concentrate on the strategic side of my business.”

    He adds the new-found freedom has led to multiple improvements, such as the integration of electronic run sheets in the last 12 months, as well as a new compliance management system. “Last year was a big year for us. Though we’re still a small company, we had the perfect opportunity to change the way we viewed compliance systems,” he explains. “Now, we’ve increased our procedures to rival those of the largest fleets out there and that’s been a major factor for attracting corporate businesses to cart freight.” 

    Yet, the system’s transition takes time, he says, adding that he relies on having the right people working with him, and advice from industry stalwarts like La Manna/Premier Group and Nolans Transport. “Nolan’s has been like a mentor to us,” Eddie says. “They know everything there is to know about running refrigerated transport in Australia and have guided us every step of the way.”

    Thanks to the combined efforts of his suppliers, customers and staff, Eddie says QCFM will continue to expand, with another three trailers already on order and an expansion into Adelaide on the cards. “We may be small fish and I know these companies work with guys who have hundreds of trailers, but they treat us just the same,” Eddie says. “It’s support like that which makes us sure we have built the right team to succeed.”

    BPW Eco Plus
    The BPW Eco Plus disc brake axle uses the standard Eco Plus hub unit, and the calipers are directly mounted to the axle beam, providing greater stability while keeping the unit lightweight.

    Photo: Image courtesy of MaxiTRANS (above)

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