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  • Hiab X-HiPro 232

    November 2016

    Hiab X-HiPro 232

    In what is expected to pique the interest of Australian transport operators, Hiab’s new X-HiPro 232 crane has been developed with the highest levels of safety and control in mind. Launched at September’s IAA Commercial Vehicle Show held in Germany, the inspiration behind Hiab’s new crane has been heavily influenced by customer feedback worldwide.

    “Customer input is at the heart of Hiab’s research and development division and this X-HiPro 232 is all about enhancing safety, reliability and durability, as well as improving value for the customer over the long haul,” says Brett Horvath, Product Manager, Hiab Australia.

    According to Hiab, customer feedback showed safety was the main driver of the X-HiPro 232, which aims at protecting the operator especially when the crane extends to its full reach of 17m. The X-HiPro 232 also comes with Hiab’s HiPro control system, considered by Hiab as the most advanced control system the company has released to date and serves as a safety warning system, particularly when it comes to carrying uneven loads. “The load stability system ensures the safe usage of the crane. It automatically dampens abrupt stops that could cause shock loading,” Brett says.

    With useability a key aspect of the X-HiPro, the crane also boasts Hiab’s brand new Crane Tip Controls (CTC) software, which simplifies loader crane operation. The CTC software enables the operator to control the behaviour of the crane tip instead of each crane function such as slewing, first boom, second boom and extensions. “In effect the crane is controlled using only three levers — slewing, horizontal movement and vertical movement,” Brett says, noting that operators can switch between using the CTC and traditional crane functions by pressing a button on the hand controller.

    “CTC minimises the complexity of operating the crane and the load stability system ensures the safe usage of the crane,” Brett says. “The CTC is based on customer requirements with the majority of operators wanting to move the crane tip along a perfect vertical path without using a hoist – a movement that previously demanded a high level of operator precision and skills.
    “The system also has semi-automatic folding, making it possible to park or activate the crane semi-automatically, which can be one of the most difficult things to do when working with a loader crane.”

    Built from high-tensile steel, the tare weight of the X-HiPro is 300kg lighter than previous models, which should hold significant appeal to weight conscious operators, Brett says. “This weight saving equates to more available payload for our customers.”

    The Hiab X-HiPro will soon be available from all Hiab Australia branches and authorised dealers around the country. “Recently announced by the Cargotec group at IAA, all new Hiab units released as of October 2016 – which includes the X-HiPro 232 – will have Hiab’s new ‘2Y’ warranty package, which encompasses a two-year standard warranty on all componentry including paint and flexible hoses,” Brett says. “On top of that, this warranty package also has a five-year warranty for all steel components used.”

    Overall, Hiab’s latest crane release was inspired by customer feedback to further enhance levels of safety and useability, while remaining true to the company’s motto of providing technology that’s ‘Built to Perform’. “Hiab is all about delivering quality products that keep transport businesses moving, but also improving the customers’ experience at the same time.”

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