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  • HMF 3220 Crane

    May 2017

    HMF 3220 Crane

    DeMenna Cranes is a classic Aussie transport tale of one truck to booming fleet operation. Nick DeMenna, a 45-year veteran of the industry, decided the timing was right to start his own part-time crane transport service in 1998. His experience provided the impetus to pursue his lifelong ambition of running his own show inside a niche market – crane handling. In 2005, DeMenna Cranes was born.

    “Having just the one truck, I knew running my own business wasn’t going to be easy at first, especially since it was a part-time gig to begin with,” Nick recalls. “That first truck was fitted with a 1986-model HMF 800 series crane, which I will never forget because that unit was involved in many of our initial jobs with customers, most of whom are DeMenna clients today.

    “Looking back, I actually wish I held onto that HMF 800 instead of replacing it, because it does have sentimental value and was the foundation for the business.”

    HMF Cranes has become synonymous with DeMenna Cranes’ success, with the company now using HMF equipment exclusively across its fleet, with all 16 of its rigid flat tops fitted with truck-mounted HMF models. DeMenna Cranes operate 24-hours, seven days a week, and each vehicle is equipped with GPS to monitor the trucks, drivers and all the HMF cranes in the field.

    “Our HMF models consist of cranes that can carry between 12 and 65 tonnes, from the smallest HMF 1720 to the heavy-duty HMF Odin model,” says Nick’s son and General Manager, Luke DeMenna.

    Luke – who boasts 20 years of experience in transport himself – joined Nick in 2003, two years before DeMenna Cranes opened for business. The synergy between father and son has been a catalyst behind DeMenna’s rise. “We complement each other beautifully. Dad has been a great inspiration not just to myself, but the rest of the family too,” says Luke, revealing that mother Maria and sister Krystal look after administration, while brothers Adam and Nicolas are also Fleet Managers in the company.

    According to the DeMennas, that strong bond has also helped the company secure a number of key contracts. DeMenna Cranes now services more than 150 clients across Australia, a sizeable increase since Nick’s part-time foray in the early days. “Some of our biggest clients are ‘tier one’ construction companies in the rail industry, but we also haul timber for the residential market,” Luke says.

    “Thanks to the relationships we’ve built with these companies over the years, these businesses will always come to us first. The fact that Dad and I are on the same page with everything gives the customer peace of mind knowing they are well looked after by the DeMenna name. It’s a personal approach that works well and is supported equally by the equipment we use.”

    In its latest HMF order, the company has taken delivery of a new HMF 3220 fitted to a new Mack prime mover that has gone straight into service.

    “This model is actually the fourth one we’ve purchased in the past 12 months and includes all the safety features we specify, such as strong stabiliser legs and HMF’s electronic vehicle stability (EVS) system that monitors the cranes stability through the crane’s continuous slew,” Luke says. “Like previous HMF models, the 3220 is operated through radio remote control, keeping the driver out of the danger zone, and operates in a continuous slew that prevents rollover and incorrect use of the crane. It’s a proven HMF package that works well for us.”

    Sticking with a proven and reliable brand is also part of the DeMenna dynamic, as evidenced by its use of well-known truck manufacturers Volvo, Mack and Isuzu. “To put it simply, Volvo and Mack form the heavy-duty side of the fleet, while Isuzu encompasses the small- to medium-duty vehicles,” Luke says. “The common denominator amongst those trucks is that each one is fitted with an HMF crane.”

    The OEMs and equipment suppliers that have helped DeMenna build its identity in the crane market are why it will continue to purchase from them in the immediate future. “West-Trans Equipment, which distributes HMF Cranes, has looked after us well ensuring that the compliance, backup support and spare parts are all maintained right throughout the partnership,” he says.

    “We’ve even recommended HMF to other businesses in need of cranes. That’s what ends up happening when the one brand has performed so well over time and we stand by it. HMF forms an essential part of the DeMenna success story.”

    Photo (L-R): A family affair - Luke DeMenna, Nick DeMenna and Krystal DeMenna.

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