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  • LoadSMART on-board weighing system

    June 2017

    LoadSMART on-board weighing system

    The LoadSMART on-board weighing system from Integrated Vehicle Solution (IVS) has become the technology of choice for numerous Australia fleets, including Visy Logistics.

    Visy Logistics Driver Trainer, Geoff Rowley, says the company has been using LoadSMART since 2009, and it has been a standard fitment for all new trucks and trailers purchased since 2010.

    "We first fitted the LoadSMART for its ability to provide accurate axle weight information to the driver while sitting in the cab, which was an important step forward in convenience, ease and accuracy of reporting," Geoff recalls. "The in-cab technology has improved a great deal in recent years. The most recent version we started upgrading to in the last few months features a tablet that can be removed from the cab, and can monitor axle weights in real time."

    Geoff adds that the axle weights are reported via email back to head office at the push of a button, allowing him and authorised personnel to immediately ensure all axles are under the legal limits. "All new vehicles come with the latest LoadSMART technology, fitted by IVS Director, Raj Mali, and his team before we take delivery," Geoff adds. "Having a driver background, I have a great deal of respect what IVS has done to modernise the industry and provide new levels of ease and convenience for drivers."

    Geoff says that the user-friendly LoadSMART has proven to be simple to teach to Visy drivers. "Though some of the older drivers can be hesitant to take on new technology at first, the LoadSMART is easy to train because it is easy to use – the drivers appreciate how much easier, and more accurate it is to report axle weights."

    The technology provider, IVS is celebrating 10 years in business in 2017, but according to Raj, the anniversary will take a backseat to the company's new product releases this year. "

    In collaboration with Flintec, we are excited to release a new loadcell weighing system to the Australian and New Zealand market," says Raj. "The loadcell technology complements our LoadSmart airbag offering by providing an option for trucks and trailers with mechanical suspensions."

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