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  • Meritor Brake Shoe Kits

    October 2016

    Meritor Brake Shoe Kits

    Brake shoe kits are important component of a truck and trailer’s braking system. The optimum performance of the brake linings – along with all the connecting parts such as shoes, hardware, camshafts and slack adjusters – are each designed to exact standards, providing the necessary safety requirements for modern day commercial road transport.

    Many decades of engineering, scientific methodology, relentless testing, and meeting every performance standard have made US-based Meritor one of the world’s largest suppliers of drum brake systems, and its brake shoe kit product range has followed suit.

    “Meritor aftermarket brake shoe kits make great sense for operators searching for value for money to reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs and get optimum performance over the life of the brake linings,” the company states.

    According to Meritor, the extended brake shoe life comes from its high-grade steel material, meticulously hardened evenly throughout the shoe to prevent wear and tear.

    “It’s a premium-defined welding process that ensures proper penetration of the welds to the joints. The ends are then heat treated to withstand the harsh usage during braking,” Meritor explains, noting that each shoe is accompanied by hardware kits and each component has undergone an extensive Production Part Approval Process (see breakout box) to give that precise braking feel and longer life in the field.

    Meritor’s brake shoe kits come complete with return springs, rollers and washers. In addition, the company also offers Steelite X30 brake drums, camshafts, slack adjusters, brake chambers, wheel bearings and heat-resistant hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals as optional parts.
    “Every component in the brake shoe kit is made to exacting Meritor standards,” the company says.

    “Meritor Approved (MA) friction materials provide the best levels of stopping performance that exceed established industry standards and FMVSS 121 requirements, and are the result of extensive testing and development.”

    The Meritor approved linings are available in standard and premium grades, which the component specialist refers to as MA212 and MA312.

    “The MA212 is rated for 21,000-pounds (approximately nine tonnes) gross axle weight rating for truck and trailer applications and delivers exceptional braking power and friction stability without sacrificing lining or drum wear,” it says.

    “The premium grade MA312, is rated to 23,000-pounds (10 tonnes), delivering superior stopping power and quality performance.

    “The MA312 ensures up to 20 per cent service life improvements compared with other products in the market, and can potentially reduce maintenance costs and downtime, as well as being suitable for all commercial road applications.”

    Still going strong after many decades in the market, Meritor’s brake assemblies and aftermarket shoe kits aren’t just maintaining the brand’s identity, but its clients’ investments as well.

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