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  • MODUL landing leg

    April 2018

    MODUL landing leg

    Having been in the game of manufacturing landing legs for decades, JOST has developed a solid understanding of its customers’ needs. The tried-and-tested MODUL landing leg series is extremely robust and particularly user-friendly. It offers various options for a wide range of applications and configurations, allowing customers to put together a set of legs that best suit their transport needs.

    According to Corey Povey, JOST General Manager of Sales and Marketing, a high number of commercial vehicles travelling along Europe’s roads are equipped with telescopic landing legs from JOST, adding that this is now also the case in Australia. “MODUL landing legs are standard first fitment for many Australian trailer builders and are specified by many of the major fleets and owner operators,” he says.

    Since being introduced to the market, Corey says MODUL landing legs are setting benchmarks. Their modular construction allows a multitude of different varieties that are suitable for universal application. Thanks to a range of back plates and only a slight over-hang above the connection shaft, the range allows for a great amount of flexibility when it comes to installation. The MODUL landing leg range features an easy to assemble and replace foot system with four different foot types, various crank handles and connection shaft lengths, and a significant gain in lifting force compared to some other products on the market. The modular design of the system also allows for greater flexibility when it comes to spare parts.

    The patented MODUL drive is protected by its internal construction. In addition it offers various advantages in daily use. The long-lasting, maintenance-free drive has a a compact construction with high efficiency and extremely low wear, is easy to change between high and low gears, and has a large lifting force per turn of the crank.

    For ease of maintenance, MODUL landing legs are equipped with long-term lubrication, meaning they can be used for three years without requiring relubrication.

    Designed with safety in mind, JOST’s landing legs are regularly inspected during series production based on the strict AAR standard and come with a three year guarantee.

    A global service network, with JOST locations worldwide and a broad dealer network means that spare parts are easy to come by when the need arises, with short delivery times, along with tailored information and advice. A modular foot replacement system allows for ease of repair and maintenance.

    Among the offering is the MODUL B, a tried and tested telescopic landing leg system which can be constructed individually according to customer requirements and used universally.

    For special applications, JOST offers the MODUL C special telescopic landing legs, which were developed based on the reliable MODUL components.

    As well as compact telescopic landing legs with large ground clearance, JOST offers drawbar landing legs with pivot bearings for use in combination with central axle trailers and dollies; along with especially robust telescopic landing legs for heavy duty applications which are also suitable for ro-ro (roll on/roll off) transport in combination with JOST’s heavy-duty roller. For tanker and silo trailers, JOST offers telescopic landing legs with a low-lying connection shaft, as well as stabilisation landing legs for rear support and level regulation.

    For customers looking for greater weight advantages, JOST also offers premium telescopic landing legs in an aluminium design. This option is ideally suited to tanker and silo applications.

    Weight savings are also offered with the JOST stabiliser, which complements the telescopic landing leg range and is beneficial for all applications where an extremely low weight is an advantage and where uncoupling is rare.

    In JOST’s MODUL series, all telescopic landing legs are used in a set with a connection shaft that is available with two-sided operation with a special crank. Operation by two people reduces the manual force required to 110 N (at 16-tonne lifting capacity), although operation by a single person from the right or left is also possible.

    Fast Fact
    Landing legs from JOST are designed to be especially sturdy and resist unfavorable exterior conditions. Outstanding corrosion protection is provided through careful pre-treatment and a quality powder-coated surface. This combines to offer long-lasting protection against environmental influences and stone chips.

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