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  • Monroe Magnum

    October 2017

    Monroe Magnum

    Brisk Blast Manufacturing Company was founded in the US in 1919 primarily as a tyre pump business, taking on the design and manufacture of various components as the company grew.

    Eight years later, it was rebranded as Monroe as it embraced success with its selection of heavy-duty shock absorbers.

    Now, with almost a century of component competency under its belt, Monroe has found particular success in Australia with the Monroe Magnum, a sturdy shock absorber system that is tailored for the most rugged transport tasks on the country’s roads.

    “The Monroe Magnum heavy-duty shock absorber is the result of continuous development with millions upon millions of over-the-road test kilometres covering virtually every class of commercial road transport under various road conditions,” says National Marketing Manager, Brydon Tweddell.

    In addition to refining heavy-duty shock absorbers for long-term commercial road transport applications, Monroe has also implemented safety strategies at the design stage to benefit fleet operators and their owner-drivers, especially when it comes to improved vehicle handling.

    Brydon refers to the Monroe ‘Safety Triangle’ – stopping, steering and stability – when discussing the company’s drive to develop smarter amd safer trailer shock absorber builds using quality components. “Shocks are as important to motoring safety as brakes and tyres because they keep the wheels in contact with the road,” he says. “Without shocks, the vehicle’s brake system and tyres won’t be able to do their jobs as effectively.”
    Brydon also says that heavy-duty shock absorbers like the Monroe Magnum can improve trailer stability via more durable suspension performance.

    “More consistent heavy-duty vehicle damping is also achieved with the Monroe Magnum anti-wear coated piston ring, which provides exceptional wear resistance,” Brydon explains.

    “Forces on chassis components are kept to a minimum with the Monroe Magnum double action valving system during bump and rebound actions. This assists greatly to achieve safer commercial vehicle handling performances.”

    From the tyre pumps of old to the latest in heavy-duty shock absorbers, Monroe continues to draw on decades of experience and technical expertise to refine its commercial road transport products, offering owner-drivers equipment that epitomises safety and quality.

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