A champion for tipper safety

ABS Trailquip provides the road transport industry with a range of specialised truck and trailer components. It has recently expanded its portfolio to include a safety stand for tipper bodies.

Based in Rocklea, Queensland, ABS Trailquip serves as a wholesaler and retailer of trucking componentry as well as a manufacturer of special application axles and suspension systems.

The business is a fully committed organisation when it comes to quality, price, service and delivery. ABS Trailquip is a ISO 9001 certified company and even has its own in-house quality control system and is certified to supply parts which conform to Australian Design Rules (ADR Specification).

“When dealing with us be assured we know and understand the industry having many years of experience,” says George Green, Managing Director of ABS Trailquip. “Australia has the world’s harshest trucking environment, which assures our overseas customers that our products are the toughest and will go the extra mile.”

It has always been the core values of the business owners at ABS Trailquip to improve their product range – emphasising the benefits of using heavy vehicle equipment that is efficient and safe to use.

The latest product to join ABS Trailquip’s portfolio is a safety stand for tipper bodies.

“Users can place it between the raised tipper body and vehicle chassis to prevent the tipper body from unintentionally coming down and causing serious injury to people working on the vehicle,” George says.

“Engineers and mechanics are always scrambling to get chokes to put in between a raised tipper body and vehicle chassis before working on it. This is a purpose built product for this application and it will give the people working on the vehicle a peace of mind knowing that a proper safety stand is in place to hold the tipper body. The tipper safety stand is 100 per cent made in Australia and has been tested to satisfy the relevant Australian Standards. The tipper safety stand is adjustable to suit most tipper body beam sizes. It also has a safety chain attachment to prevent the stand from sliding out. As these units are made locally, stock availability is never an issue.”

Fast Fact
With more than 30 years of experience in the air brake business, ABS Trailquip Managing Director, George Green, strives to provide quality truck and trailer products. The business adds value to commercial vehicle builds with the parts its supplies while ensuring drivers are using equipment that champions optimal road safety.

Fast Fact
ABS Trailquip offers the road transport industry a variety of truck and trailer parts including air brake valves and accessories, air brake fittings, air springs, axles, calipers, rotors, disc pads, converter dollys, LED lighting, rims and tyres, shock absorbers, suspensions, axles and more.

Safety in action thanks to ABS Trailquip.