A reflection of top quality coatings

Fabricator and paint applicator, Barry Burrows Engineering, reflects on a long and successful relationship with paint specialist, A&I Coatings.

A&I Coatings is a family-owned paint formulating and manufacturing business based in Moss Vale, New South Wales.

It has complete in-house testing capabilities including blast and paint trialling, accelerated UV and corrosion chambers, scratch, chip and abrasion, freeze/thaw and thermal shock testing, runs a quality system complying with ISO 9001:2015 and is a registered manufacturing unit with the Australian Paint Approval Scheme.

For more than 20 years, A&I, according to Sales Director, Ben Gillies has partnered with Barry Burrows Engineering, supplying the firm with paint that it applies to its water carts and other equipment.

Justin Coggan, General Manager at Barry Burrows Engineering, says the company initially approached A&I to trial its epoxy and polyurethane protective coatings because it was important to support local manufacturing.

“I liked the fact that A&I was a mid-sized family-owned company manufacturing paint in Australia,” he says. “Being an Aussie manufacturer myself, supporting Australian made products is important for me.”

Justin has used a variety of A&I paints over the years.

“Starting with the Vitrephos 560 Zinc Phosphate primer, we love how fast it cures and how smooth it dries,” he says.

“Depending on the job we have the option of applying the topcoat wet on wet and the primer also sands up nicely if we need to. This primer helps to significantly reduce our painting times compared to products we had trialled previously.

“The Vitrethane 640 Polyurethane topcoat has well and truly proven its worth. We recently inspected a water cart after 20 years in service and the topcoat was still strong in colour and glossy.

“We love Vitrethane 640 because of how smooth a finish we can achieve. It also has a long open time allowing our painters time to paint around the tank, including detailed smaller fabrication additions, and still achieve a smooth finish with no overspray.”

Vitrethane 640, according to Ben, was formulated in 1991 and has been used on many Aussie trucks since.

“It has stood the test of time and is especially formulated to resist the harsh UV we have in this country,” he says. “Vitrethane 640 is certainly here to stay.”

As for the aftersales support, Justin loves the free biscuits with every order but an extra packet or two would be nice.

“Jokes aside, I like the down to earth approach and appreciate the fact that I can speak to anyone in the business and they’re always happy to help with any questions I have,” he says. “Lead times on orders are fantastic and that gives me peace of mind because we are often working to tight deadlines.”