A super slick solution

Distributed by E-Plas, the revolutionary QuickSilver tipper body and trailer liner has found long-term favour with western Sydney based Muscat Trailers. Muscat now fits QuickSilver liners to around 70 per cent of all the trailers and bodies it builds.

Two of the more prominent tipper-related issues, particularly for operators of aluminium tipping equipment hauling sticky or abrasive materials, are product hang-up and wear of the floor and sides.

The QuickSilver liner solves these challenges in one fell swoop.

Constructed from continuous sheets of TIVAR ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE), the QuickSilver liner features integrated self-lubricating release agents that make it practically self-cleaning. This minimises the likelihood of product sticking in the front corners and posing a rollover risk, with most loads fully ejected by the third stage of the tipping cylinder.

QuickSilver weighs less than both steel and aluminium and out wears both, the latter by a significant margin. Superior abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance protects integrity of the original equipment, thus potentially extending the life of truck bodies and trailers by years.
The product can be installed in less than one day and requires no on-going maintenance.

It can be fitted to any configuration from tipper bodies and end tipping trailers to bottom dumps, gravel trains, transfer trailers and side tippers. The liner is also compatible with a diverse range of materials including grain, mineral ore concentrate, clay, gravel, coal, fly-ash, salt, limestone, top-soil, sand, phosphate, cement and sludge and can even be used with hot mix when installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

QuickSilver is supplied in rolls with a maximum continuous length of 50m, a nominal width of 3m and standard thicknesses of 12mm. Other gauges can be special ordered, details available from E-Plas.

Muscat Trailers was one of the first manufacturers to start using QuickSilver liners around 14 years ago. According to the company’s CEO, Troy Azzopardi, it was initially utilised to solve a sticky issue for a company carting clay in Western Australia.

“Around 14 years ago one of our Perth based customers had issues with discharging clay from their tippers and their solution at the time was to raise the hoist further for more tipping angle,” Troy says. “I offered them the solution of QuickSilver to help them and they were so impressed with the results that they have used it on all subsequent trailers. It meant that they no longer needed to tip the trailers as high which made for safer operation. Today, we fit the product to 70 per cent of the trailers we build.”

Troy says that while there might be another brands of plastic liners on the market, he has stayed with QuickSilver due to the high quality and integrity of the product and the excellent product support and service he receives from E-Plas, which is celebrating its 40th year of business.
“I can’t speak highly enough of the product and the company – which are the reasons I have stayed with QuickSilver all these years,” he says – adding that having strong long-term connections with suppliers such as E-Plas is a consistent theme that has held the company in good stead over its four-decade long history. “I believe the QuickSilver product sold by E-Plas has the best characteristics for discharge which is why we continue to use it. We sell premium products and we’re not the sort of company that chops and changes with suppliers. We find what works well and we stick with it.”

Fast Fact
QuickSilver liners supplied by E-Plas are now fitted to around 70 per cent of the trailers and bodies manufactured by Muscat Trailers.