ACFS Port Logistics rolls out Vawdrey A-doubles

Container logistics operator, ACFS Port Logistics, is now using Vawdrey A-double Titeliners along the East Coast of Australia.

This transport solution which includes Vawdrey 30m A-double curtainsider Titeliner trailers demonstrates the business’ three-pillar promise (maximise TEU, weight and cube).

The trailer combination includes 44-pallet floor locations (88 x 1.2m standard pallets) and electronic mezzanine decks internally to raise and or lower heights as well as full curtain load restraint.

“The first set of this combination was rolled out in Brisbane, focusing on a shuttle service between the ACFS 3PL Warehousing and the fleet’s FMCG customer, delivering vital food supply items in a more productive manner,” said ACFS Port Logistics.

“ACFS are focused on the continuous improvement initiatives that drive solution outcomes for our customers.

“Look out for these long vehicle sets of red, white and blue.”

Last year, ACFS Port Logistics expanded its intermodal footprint.

Australia’s largest privately-owned container logistics business, ACFS Port Logistics, commenced operations in late 2005 and is on track to becoming the nation’s premier landside logistics provider. The business, according to Managing Director and CEO, Arthur Tzaneros, has developed a strong and loyal relationship of trust with Paul Vawdrey and the Vawdrey Australia team.