Adam Hester Transport: Age is just a number

Tucked away in the Western Sydney suburb of Padstow is Adam Hester Transport, a burgeoning container transport company run by its namesake, Adam Hester. At only 34 years of age, Adam has become a shining example of how young people can find success in the transport industry.

“I started in the transport industry when I was just 18 years old, and worked for a few years as an owner-driver for Ingham Chicken delivering to Woolworths,” Adam says. “In 2007 I bought my own truck – an Isuzu – and a side loader and started hauling containers for Jaycar Electronics.”

Ever since, Adam has worked hard to prove that he is a proficient business owner, emphasising that his age never mattered to his customers as long as he delivered the best service possible. Consistently providing such service has allowed him to forge strong relationships with his clients, staff and suppliers.

“Because of the quality of the service I provide, I’ve never had to chase work. It also meant that I didn’t have any problems with being so young in this industry. I had proof of my service and capability from Jaycar, who is still a client of mine to this day,” says Adam.

Thanks to his reputation, and with a good word from Jaycar, Adam was offered work for retail giant Myer in 2010 through a well-known and respected freight forwarder. But Adam is quick to explain that it’s not just about winning a contract, it’s about making sure his customers are happy with the service provided and keeping them around for the long term.

Adam Hester Transport has grown to count 12 trucks, six B-doubles, three side loaders and 25 standard skels among its list of assets, however Adam makes it very clear that for him, there is one even more important thing that tops the list.

“My biggest asset is my staff. Good staff is key to running a successful business, like my Operations Manager, Michael Jones, who has been with me for nine years and is a big reason my business has been able to succeed. He started off driving my first Isuzu truck, and has grown with the company. He’s only a few years older than me, too.”

While most of his staff is older than him, Adam says he earns his staff’s respect by being hands-on. “I like to be involved in everything. I drive the trucks, the forklifts and help out in the warehouse when needed,” Adam says. “It’s important to be approachable so that my clients and staff can come to me if they need anything. The people I work with also have the same mentality, including my contractors, suppliers and my mechanic. It’s just about being contactable.”

The mechanic that Adam mentions – Evans Truck and Trailer – is located ‘just down the street’ from the Adam Hester Transport depot in Padstow, making it simple and fast to get any repairs done. “He can pop round at any time. We work together really well and have built a good relationship, which also means that he works really hard for us.”

And that’s the crux of how young Adam Hester built his company in the first place. By working incredibly hard and proving himself to his clients, he was able to build up long lasting relationships in which age is hardly a concern, becoming an example of success for anyone looking to enter the industry, young or old.

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