Airtec weighs in with TCA approval

Airtec Corporation is a leading supplier of smart onboard mass and tyre pressure management systems. The company recently obtained type approval with Transport Certification Australia for a smart onboard mass system.

Airtec Corporation is an Australian family-owned company offering innovative solutions in onboard tyre pressure and mass management systems.

The company is internationally recognised as a quality manufacturer and distributor of a range of innovative products including digital tyre inflators, onboard digital weight scales (OBM) and spare parts. Leading products of the company include the FRP, AXL200 and Smart Gauges. On-board mass systems measure the mass of axle groups and calculate the gross vehicle mass of a vehicle.

On 2 December last year, Transport Certification Australia (TCA) announced Airtec had obtained type-approval (Category B) for its 89AXM Series smart onboard mass system (OBM). This means Airtec can now offer fleet and transport operators with accurate, reliable and certified solutions in the intelligent mass realm.

Type-approval of OBM systems involves the assessment of OBM system ‘types’ against the performance-based requirements contained in the OBM System Functional and Technical Specification.

Smart OBM systems use digital technology to collect mass data from vehicles in a standardised way through the National Telematics Framework, and are future-ready with Intelligent Mass capability.

These systems are a key element in new road access arrangements such as the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) that rely on the availability of mass data collection.
Therefore, the use of smart OBM systems has the potential to drive enhanced productivity and safety reforms.

“Airtec is a leading supplier and manufacturer of digital tyre inflators, inflator accessories and mass management systems around the world,” says David Hewett, Managing Director of Airtec Corporation.

“We’re pleased to have obtained type-approval for a smart OBM system, which allows transport operators to take advantage of new initiatives currently being introduced.
“We’re also proud of our efforts to ensure there is backward compatibility. This means that vehicles already fitted with the 89AXM Series can easily be upgraded to a smart OBM system.”

The system has a digital LED display which connects to a real time axle load monitoring arrangement and is wireless and Bluetooth compatible. This means operators can connect their phone to the system via Bluetooth to view weights in real time from the cab.

According to David, the most important features of Airtec’s OBM system are that it is ready for intelligent mass systems such as IAP and features a rugged construction which ensures reliability while also being easy to use. In addition, replacement parts are readily available.

“Achieving Type Approval Category-B means we can offer fleet and transport operators accurate, reliable and certified solutions, future proofing them in readiness for intelligent mass and related schemes,” he says.