Allerton Transport specified AAA Trailers following positive driver experience

AAA Trailers’ side tipper in action has shown Allerton Transport nothing but quality, reliability and safe working methods.

AAA Trailers’ side tipper in action has shown Allerton Transport nothing but quality, reliability and safe working methods.

AAA Trailers’ new side tipper is ideal for carrying a variety of products from bulk commodity to raw material and mining products.

The trailer has hinges that connect the body with its chassis, which are controlled by a hydraulic mechanism that opens them in its forward stroke, tilting the tipper and closing them in its return stroke.

The quality of the steel and welding are of very high standard to ensure the integrity of the cylinders, as they are put under a lot of stress from constant extending and retracting.

The side tipper also enables a safer working environment every time due to its low centre of gravity and dump variant – which gives the driver a view of the load while unloading, side tippers and Electronic Braking System (EBS).

Desi Allerton, owner and Director at Allerton Transport, recently acquired a AAA Trailers side tipper after receiving very positive feedback from one of his drivers.

“They were very reasonably priced,” he says. “On top of that, one of my young drivers had two of their step-decks cutting hay constantly for four years, and never had a problem. To me, that was a pretty good recommendation.”

Desi has been servicing the transport industry for almost half a century, after selling everything and resurrecting his business through another transport company.

“We had our own cattle station for seven generations, and we carted all our own stock with our own transport down in NSW,” he says.

“Allerton Transport goes back seven generations. I resurrected the business again and started up a transport business. I sold all my transport. But then the love of the game and with plenty of work to be done, I decided to get another prime mover and I started up another business cutting hay and a lot of side-tipper work.”

Desi currently owns two AAA trailers, which were purchased in October last year and delivered the next month in November.

“The trailer delivery was perfect,” he says.

“I paid for it, went there and picked it up. I was very happy, everything was done that I had asked to be done, and AAA was very good to me. Before I had eight or 10 trailers when we were quite substantial in the transport game. I sold all our equipment and now started again. Now, I’ve got a AAA side tipper and a AAA 45’ step-deck, with another AAA tipper coming. I’m very happy with it. I would have carted six or seven thousand tonnes with it so far and I’m very happy with it. I can’t criticise it, it’s a good sounding trailer, it’s simple to operate, I can’t fault it.”

In terms of specifications, the trailer is 10.01 metres long, with a high tensile chassis. It features two JOST landing legs in line with Australian Design Rules (ADR), along with dual spare wheel carries, heavy duty Fuwa K-Hitch tri-axle and spring suspension – both with full LED lights and a Ringfeder bracket.

“It’s more remote, the hydraulics are operated by a remote end piece, which you don’t need to get out of the cab for,” he says. “The rollover tarp is controlled via a handpiece as well, it’s just very simple. I like simple gear, there’s less to go wrong. I can’t criticise the gear at all,
it’s very satisfactory.”

Desi says AAA have a positive reputation in the industry, as his AAA trailers have caught the eye of people who have seen his fleet.

“I think their reputation is better, because their equipment is getting better,” he says. “I’ve had a lot of interest from people who’ve seen what I’ve got and have gone on and rung AAA. I don’t know whether they’ve done a deal, but they were very interested.”

In terms of his problems with AAA trailers, there are none.

“I’ve had no call to need aftersales, because I haven’t actually had any problems,” he says. “There shouldn’t be a problem at all because they said, ‘If there’s a problem, ring us and we’ll get it fixed’.