Austroads overhauls road transport network guidance

Economic prosperity hinges on the efficient movement of goods.

Austroads is undertaking a strategic review of its guide to traffic management to reflect changes in priorities in road network management and operations.

The guide is reported to be the primary source of guidance for Australian and New Zealand road transport agencies on best practices used in traffic engineering, planning and management.

Richard Delplace, Austroads Transport Network Operations Program Manager, said the guide, which was first released in 2007, has since gone through various revisions.

“We are now reviewing the purpose, objectives and structure of the [Austroads Guide to Traffic Management – AGTM] to define the next generation guide to support transport practitioners in the detailed planning, implementation and operation of the road network in the years to come,” he said. “The review will set a clear plan for the update of the guide so that it provides leadership and national consistency and ensures the AGTM continues to be a relevant and critical resource for the Austroads member agencies and the industry.”

The aim of the review is to respond to a series of demands, including: an increased focus on how transport in cities and towns can support and enable liveability and place; the application of Safe Systems approach to all aspects of transport planning, management and operations; and taking into consideration emerging transport options and technology such as connected and automated vehicles.

Road transport agencies and relevant practitioners are encouraged to complete Austroads’ survey by Friday 6 November 2020.