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BTE five-axle dog delivers for Piave Concrete

Rather than venture down the standard six-axle dog and 6×4 truck path, Piave Concrete has gone its own way with its latest combination – a five-axle Bulk Transport Equipment (BTE) dog towed by an 8×4 Kenworth T909.

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Be the BOSS

Every day, the team at BOSS Hydraulics strive to maintain the highest product quality standards and provide superior technical customer service which is why they have been successful in delivering hydraulic solutions to the Australian and New Zealand market for over 35 years.

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A man of many talents

Bob Martin is the National Training Manager at JOST Australia. He has been employed by JOST since 2001, having served as the company’s Brisbane Branch Manager for 18 years and then in 2019 moving into the newly formed National Training Manager role.

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