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Building them like they used to

Every transport operator has specific requirements and parameters subject to the nature of the operation. When it comes to choosing a brand of trailer to purchase, these criteria, among others, come into play.

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A welded-on reputation for quality

The road transport equipment building industry is dependent on high quality welding machines and highly skilled welders to produce trailers and tankers of a standard that the market demands. It’s for this reason, among others, that Welding Industries of Australia (WIA) offers the American-designed and built-to-last Miller Dynasty and Maxstar range of TIG Stick welding machines.

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A match made in heaven

With any type of semi-trailer, having a chassis specification that’s suited to local conditions is paramount. Schmitz Cargobull has that box well and truly ticked now that the company has designed and developed its very own locally manufactured chassis in partnership with prominent Melbourne-based trailer builder, Bulk Transport Equipment (BTE).

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Consumers will pay for industrial action at the wharves: VTA

The Victorian Transport Association has called for an ‘attitude of reason’ and not the self-interest that appears to be behind the growing and protracted industrial action at ports around Australia and resolve disputes at the wharves that are beginning to impact supply chains.

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