B&E reaping max quality benefits from Thermaxx

The team at B&E Foods is very pedantic about the quality of its fleet and so far, TRS Thermaxx bodies have ticked all the right boxes for the business.

The team at B&E Foods is very pedantic about the quality of its fleet and so far, TRS Thermaxx bodies have ticked all the right boxes for the business.

B&E Foods is not only one of the largest poultry processors in the country, it also specialises in food supply and distribution. B&E has over 130 refrigerated vehicles operating daily service to a vast customer base across Australia.

Maintaining cold chain integrity is paramount for the operation of a food distribution business and the team at B&E are pedantic about the quality of their fleet, according to company CEO, Edward Dong.

When it comes to refrigerated bodies for their trucks, B&E trust TRS and Thermaxx. Since 2020, all of the new truck bodies purchased by B&E have been from TRS. “We have already noticed a huge difference in the quality of the panels. The truck body is lighter than other similar brands in the market which makes a big difference in the tare weight for the trucks. Maintaining the right temperature is crucial for perishable food transport and Thermaxx delivers on that aspect. Its temperature control has been great so far,” Edward says.

B&E’s CFO Alex Wang believes the quality of Thermaxx bodies is outstanding compared to its competitors and it was a key factor in his team’s decision to choose TRS. “We got a chance to visit the TRS factory where Ross Jones NSW Sales Manager showed me all their different products and the different materials used to build a TRS Thermaxx body. It gave me a very good first impression. We focus on high quality products in our business and so does TRS. There is a huge difference between TRS and its competitors and that’s why we believe we made the right decision to choose TRS as our supplier,” he says.

Long life EPDM rubber seals.

Edward agrees that the team at B&E has been thoroughly impressed by Thermaxx bodies. Being in the food supply business, B&E uses a lot of pallets in the trucks and the high impact resistant panels by TRS are capable of withstanding the rigours of the roads. “The design is good. There are no noticeable gaps between the corners which means the moisture from the meat and poultry doesn’t seep between the panels creating a risk for mould and bacteria that can damage the panels in the long run.

Food hygiene is absolutely paramount for us. Having Thermaxx, we’re not worried about little edges not being sealed up properly. We’re not worried about exposed panels. We can clean the truck quite thoroughly and not worry too much about water trickling through the panels,” Edward says.

With long-term benefits in mind, B&E is slowly moving all its fleet to TRS as well. “If you buy a Thermaxx product it’ll last you a lot longer, maybe up to 10 years longer than another brand. You might end up saving 10 percent on a cheaper alternative but in the end, it’s not going to last as long. After a few years it starts breaking down and then you’re not really saving any money with costly repairs. You save a lot more with Thermaxx in the long run,” he says.

Alex says that when it comes to cost, he not only compares the initial cost but also the maintenance cost over the years, which is where TRS bodies outperform its competitors. “My calculation on the cost for the first five years is that you spend a bit more money on the TRS bodies in the first year, but if you talk about a total cost of maintaining the vehicle throughout the five years, your saving is going to be huge. Other competitors probably try to do the best in the price range to attract customers, but the truck body floors can be damaged in a short period of time, so when you add that maintenance cost for all the truck bodies, it can cost a lot more. TRS would be one of the best options out there,” he says.

Thermally insulated one piece rice grain bonded floor with mild steel tapping plates.

Another reason for choosing TRS is the level of customisation their team offers to businesses like B&E. From doing the truck body, to the Thermo King unit, and managing servicing – all in one place results in less hassle for customers. “Whether it is arranging a build appointment or doing custom builds, TRS is there to help us. All our truck bodies have freezer and cooler compartments now so being able to custom-build something with TRS has been very easy. The product turns around very fast. We send the truck in and get it back almost right away. I think being a business operator, last thing you want is chasing different people to do servicing.

Having TRS provide a high-quality service for a high-quality product, it is great. You might pay a little bit more but in the long run it saves you all the headaches.”