Body of work

Alltruck Bodies, a specialist in the manufacture and repair of rigid truck bodies and pig and dog trailers, has doubled down on in-house innovation and product output in the past year.

The business and the transport industry according to Alltruck Bodies Director, Tony Romano, is very busy as a direct result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Demand for the Rapid Liner – a curtain-sided rigid truck body that facilitates the quick and safe unloading of pallets and beverages – has contributed to Alltruck Bodies’ success.

Tony says the Rapid Liner has been designed so that the curtains concertina outwards to prevent them from catching on the load inside.

“This heavy duty model – which ranges in length from 3.6m to 9m – has been designed and manufactured to suit both palletised transport and the transportation of beverages,” Tony says. “The construction includes solid sliding posts with low-friction bearings along the full length, in addition to folding curtain plates to concertina the curtains.”

The Rapid Liner, according to Tony, is especially advantageous for beverage logistics operations. “It has a number of features designed to provide significant advantages in terms of work health and safety including a curtain design that requires minimal effort to open and close as well as an internal overhead bungee system for lashing loads.”

Glen Cameron Group National Fleet Manager, Greg Morris, says his fleet recently assigned 25 Rapid Liners for its Asahi contract.

“Feedback from all sites has been nothing but positive,” he says. “The load restraint properties of the Rapid Liner along with the simple, quick action locking mechanism of the curtains made it a no-brainer for us to use the Rapid Liner for our beverage distribution work. With these vehicles doing up to 50,000 deliveries per annum it was important to us to make the job as safe and seamless as possible for our drivers.”

Greg adds that Alltruck Bodies has been a huge supporter of Cameron’s.

“The dedication to customer service from Alltrucks’ Andrew Cardamone is second to none. The rollout of these units is one of the most stress-free experiences we’ve had. Communication from the Alltruck team is great and they deliver what they say they will. In fact, I recently set the wheels in motion for another 15 Rapid Liner bodies.”

In addition to providing a rigid-bodied transport solution for beverages, Alltruck Bodies also launched a system – GRATERgate – that enables quicker, safer and easier loading and unloading of pallets. It requires no lifting or sliding of gates by the operator when forking on or off individual pallets.

“We’ve found that the types of gate systems on semi-trailers and B-doubles that have the sliding gates and posts are fine for linehaul work where they open up the whole side and unload the entire trailer,” Tony says. “But the sort of work that a lot of the 10-, 12- and 14-pallet rigid curtainsiders do involves multiple drops and pick-ups of a pallet or two or four. This means the gates have to be slid out of the way at every unload or load point.”

GRATERgate, according to Tony, negates all that as the operator only has to open one gate at a time for each pallet.

“It’s just like a set of doors,” he says. “In addition, the whole assembly can be slid sideways either to the front or rear to enable the loading of long items.”

As the gate hinges are bolted to the post, if a gate is damaged it can be easily replaced without the need to remove the side post or cut the gate from the post. All that is required is a spanner or socket wrench and the new gate is fitted in just a few minutes.

To complement its Rapid Liner and GRATERgate portfolio, Alltruck Bodies also designs and manufactures pig and dog trailers to specification. Due to popular demand, the business is currently fulfilling orders for Camerons, Mainfreight, Chemcouriers, and Laminex among other busy trucking companies.

Tony has committed to establishing a one-stop shop of sorts for the production of pig and dog trailers, focusing on onsite innovation that streamlines manufacturing lead times considerably (depending on the specification) from about 6-15 weeks to only 5-6 weeks.

Also, by taking control of the manufacturing processes, Alltruck Bodies can perform thorough quality assurance checks on complete builds.
“There are no issues with compatibility of parts,” Tony says. “Quality assurance checks also include wheel alignments, and in-line quality controls at every step of manufacturing.”

Fast Fact
From humble beginnings as a small factory with four employees, Alltruck Bodies has since transformed into a large operation employing more than 120 staff across four separate facilities in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Fast Fact
Alltruck Bodies manufactures a wide range of rigid bodies including curtainsiders, Colorbond vans, fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) vans, tray, insulated, freezer and light-weight bodies as well as pig and dog trailers. The company also stocks a comprehensive range of spare parts and is experienced in accident repairs and insurance work.