Borcat is breaking new ground

Based on more than half a century of experience in the manufacture of commercial transport equipment, Borcat has become Sydney’s first address in heavy-duty equipment that is built to last for a lifetime.

That’s why local excavation expert, Stella Excavations, turned to Borcat when the company was looking for a resilient transport solution to cope with the region’s growing freight task. “We’ve been around for almost 50 years as well, and experience has shown that the Borcat brand is one of the best in Australia,” says Stella’s Joe Murina, who is in charge of a fleet comprising 11 rigid-and-dog combinations, most of them bearing the unique Borcat logo.

“The way Borcat trailers are designed is exactly what we need. They’re reliable; they don’t fail – and they last forever. That’s why we asked them to enter unknown territory and design a 19m B-double tipping combination. It’s a first for both of us; Borcat has never built a comparable vehicle before, and we’ve never run one.”

As Stella is specialised in carting quarry and demolition material, the company was looking for a rugged construction that could endure the strain of working both on and off-road, on a 24/7 schedule. But, at the same time, Joe was also asking for a lightweight solution that would be able to increase payload and thereby boost Stella’s overall productivity. “In a nutshell, we wanted something that would last forever, but also provide maximum payload,” says Joe.

And, although combining weight saving and resilience is a tough task, Borcat managed to utilise the experience gained in the truck-and-dog business and create a vehicle that is likely to cause a stir in the industry.

“Borcat’s solution can combine the best of both worlds,” says Joe. “They’ve done an absolute magnificent job, even though it’s their first-ever B-double. They put a lot of effort in this project, providing a payload of 37 tonne – which is an extra six tonne as compared to a classic rigid-and-dog-combination.”

However, Joe is not surprised by the performance data Borcat presented in December. “Every trailer we’ve received so far was a top-shelf product, so I knew they would exceed our expectations. In fact, we’ve never had any drama with a Borcat product before, and the finish has always been great.”

According to Joe, the key to success is Borcat’s ability to listen. “Listening has become a valuable management skill,” says Borcat’s John Thompson. “No matter how technically adept, personable, and organised you are, without listening to the client, you won’t stay ahead of the pack. It’s crucial to listen to the people who use the product in the field to capitalise on their experience.”

“At the end of the day, we’re the ones who go out every day and trial the product in the field,” Joe adds. “We know what it takes to break a trailer, and so we know what to do to avoid failure. And, we could always bank on Borcat’s flexibility and willingness to listen to our special requirements, which makes all the difference when making a purchase decision.”

But, Borcat did not only ask for constant feedback during the construction process. “We had regular meetings during the entire planning phase to ensure Stella’s fleet would be perfectly geared to task,” says John. “In fact, we’ve been talking about the project for a whole year before they finally placed the order in September.”

“We have a whole lot of work coming up, and we thought it’s time to give the B-double a go,” says John. “Without Borcat’s early involvement, we would not have been able to react in such a short amount of time.”

Established by Philip Murina in the early 1960s, Stella Excavations started off as a classic one-man, one truck business. “It was my father who has turned the small family business in what it is today, a thriving company operating 11 truck and dog combinations, and employing in excess of 20 people,” says Joe, who joined the family company just after finishing school. “Given my upbringing in the industry, it was only natural that l ended up working in the transport sector as well. I simply like driving a truck and operating heavy machinery.”

But, despite the company’s on-going success, Joe’s attitude has always remained humble. “I see myself as a worker, and nothing else. I’m no better than the next bloke,” he says – emphasizing that Stella’s company philosophy is all about teamwork and customer service. “At Stella, the client is our first priority. We try to look after our clientele and make sure they get what they paid for, a good product for a good price. And, company’s like Borcat speak the same language, that’s why we trust them. Borcat has proven that we as a client always come first, and we appreciate that.”

Backed by the new B-double tipping combination, Joe is now looking forward to a bright future. “We want to stay a family-owned business of manageable size and don’t plan to expand any time soon. But, we will certainly remain ambitious in what we do – providing the best transport service in the Sydney area.”

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