BPW Transpec expands digitalisation strategy with QR-code tags

With new QR-code tags for its axles, BPW Transpec has simplified the process for workshops and vehicle operators to identify and order spare parts. Product information, spare parts lists, service handbooks and service documents are now available in a matter of seconds.

The identification of spare parts has never been simpler with BPW Transpec. The equipment specialist is now rolling out QR-code tags on all locally assembled axles which, when scanned, provide information on all technical specifications as well as the bill of materials.

The QR code links to the MyBPW app and is constantly updated with a list of Australian made axles. By equipping its componentry with ‘digital DNA’ there is a distinct link between the physical product and digital information. For the life of the axle, workshop personnel and vehicle operators can find relevant production data which is relevant to servicing including spare parts lists or manuals simply by using the QR code.

As for other information available, service technicians can explore an exploded view of an axle, item by item, part by part. The detail covered from the bearing and wheel nuts to the studs, hub and drum allow for a comprehensive spare parts interpretation making the job easier and more accurate.

Behind this QR-code tech is a far-reaching digitalisation concept at BPW Transpec which will accompany the complete lifecycle of components in the future.

Such a foray into a new era of digital service for vehicle manufacturers, operators and workshops demands special care with regards to the user experience as well as receiving quality, consistent information from the outset.

The BPW QR-code is intuitive to use and follows the look and feel principle of online shopping that every smartphone user knows. The program is clearly structured and provides the user with access to the ‘Spare parts’ and ‘Manuals’ sections. Note: The Australian Operator Manual is available via the BPW Transpec website and is a key document for Australian users. The ‘Spare Parts’ section contains the spare parts lists with detailed information on the individual parts. The user is supported by numerous figures, such as exploded drawings and images of individual parts. Meanwhile, the ‘Manuals’ section contains additional documents, such as workshop manuals. All information is available for download and can be sent by email.

The mobile app is reported to set new benchmarks for user-friendliness, too. Structure, graphic design and operating logic are familiar to the world’s leading shopping portals and can therefore be used intuitively. BPW Transpec utilises the possibilities of the touch screen where the user can scroll through the product lists by swiping with their finger and zoom in on details of the product drawings and exploded drawings with two fingers. The menu graphic is also automatically optimised for a smartphone or tablet. Depending on the device, the language is also taken from the device and does not have to be specified.

Fast Fact
Scanning the BPW Transpec axle QR-code tag with a tablet or smartphone makes it possible to easily search for individual spare parts and to view workshop manuals and assembly and use instructions.