BPW Transpec introduces TS2 ECO Disc brake system

BPW Transpec launches its latest innovation.

After extensive field testing in Australia, BPW Transpec has introduced its new and enhanced TS2 ECO Disc trailer axles with wheel rim sizes of 19.5” and 22.5” and respective disc diameters of 370mm and 430mm.

The TS2 variants replace the company’s successful TSB ECO Disc offering and are available with 9.0-tonne and 10-tonne load ratings.

The new brake assembly for eight-stud axles with 275mm Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) and 19.5” rim size is model TS2 3709 Sub-Assembly Registration Number (SARN) 50229 which replaces TSB3709 SARN 25677.

The new brake assembly for 10-stud axles with 285mm and 335mm PCD and 22.5” rims is model TS2 4309 SARN 50230 which replaces TSB 4309 SARN 31666.

According to BPW Transpec, the new TS2 system offers several unique advantages over the TSB system it replaces.

The inner brake pad (active lining) and the outer brake pad (passive lining) are now different. The inner pad has a thicker steel backing and must always be fitted in the inner position.

The calipers feature an Offset Tappet Design (OTD) which the company said achieves an ideal balance of the forces and moments acting on the brake pads. In conjunction with the aforementioned reinforced (thicker) steel backing of the inner pad, this configuration ensures braking pressure is applied evenly between the pad and disc to ensure uniform pad wear and consequently longer pad life.

Due to the OTD, the calipers are now directional, with an arrow cast into the caliper showing the direction that the disc must turn when the vehicle is moving forwards.

Another improvement is the MultiFunctional Adjuster (MFA) which, according to BPW Transpec, systematically integrates the key functions in just a few innovative components.

The company said this not only reduces the number of interfaces, but also significantly improves the brake’s reliability and performance.

Due to these improvements, BPW Transpec stressed that it is not permissible to fit a mixture of TSB and TS2 disc brake axles on a single trailer as the new TS2 caliper has a different SARN number to the older TSB style. For the same reason, it is not permissible to fit new TS2 calipers to TSB axle beams.

Other features of the TS2 system include a long service life thanks to the latest single-tappet technology and cataphoretic dip-coating with zinc phosphating.

Easier brake setting is another claimed advantage, requiring only a 13mm spanner to turn the rear mounted adjustment screw back a quarter turn (90°) followed by 10 brake applications.

Importantly, the company states the TS2 provides a useful weight saving of up to 2.0kg per axle which reduces unsprung and tare weights with the attendant benefits for operators.

The company said new compliance numbers and data apply for these brakes and to ensure a smooth transition for market introduction, trailer builders will be required to carry out new brake variant calculations and submit those documents with the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, Canberra, for compliance approval.

For more information and to view a video on the new TS2 disc brake system, click here.