BPW Transpec to release new Ringfeder RF50 Coupling

Equipment specialist, BPW Transpec, is releasing its new generation Ringfeder RF50 which will replace current models 303AUS and 303AUS AM/RL.

There are two new models, the manual operated RF50 B AUS MSD and the automatic RF50 AUS AM/RL.

BPW Transpec Ringfeder Product Manager, Wayne Koppman, said the new model is a huge improvement from its predecessors and will be available on Australian shelves towards the end of this month.

“The new coupling is more compact in design,” he said.

“The coupling body is more robust than ever before from impact, and it is more user friendly now with its new ergonomically designed with hand lever which makes it easier to operate the manual coupling.

“It has a brand-new safety device designed to be easier for maintenance, with a stronger design enhanced in it as well.”

According to Koppman, the coupling benefits from extensive customer feedback and has been tested under various terrain, applications and conditions over the last three years.

“It has been tested here in Australia for two to three years with VBG Ringfeder with up to 15 different customers in different parts of Australia,” he said.

“It has been tested for a good year straight now as it is before we’ve released it, so there are no issues. We know it’s robust, strong and reliable as ever before with Ringfeder products.”

The coupling features the same mounting hole patterns and designs as previous models, meaning it can bolt straight in. It also has the same existing approval numbers as the old valid one to maintain consistency with compliance.