Bulk haulage with a difference

With more than 30 years of product development and innovation, Lucidity Australia is a premier manufacturer of safety lighting products, wire harnesses and electronics. Robuk Engineering relies on the company’s expertise and support to deliver a variety of quality Performance-Based Standards (PBS) trailers.

Based in Hemmant, in the Port of Brisbane, Robuk Engineering designs, develops, manufactures and sells premium custom built aluminium and steel trailers for the Australian bulk haulage market.

“Due to the fantastic grain season we’ve had in recent times, Robuk has been producing low tare aluminium tippers with the majority of our trailers being used in Performance-Based Standards (PBS) A-double, AB-triple and standard B-double configurations,” says James of Robuk. “We have previously built aluminium and steel ‘mine spec’ side tippers as well as moving floors.”

Robuk commenced operations in June 2020, according to James, and has been working with Lucidity Australia ever since.

“Having previous experience with Lucidity, we knew the product, experience, quality and aftersales service we were getting, so it was a no brainer to get them on board from the very start,” he says.

Robuk relies on Lucidity Australia for a variety of products.

“Working with Lucidity, we are always bouncing ideas to one another coming up with the safest and easiest options for our customers,” James says. “With the OMP, Link and IDM series, we’re able to have an electric loom kit with an easy ‘plug and play’ wiring system for our trailers. Fitted with Deutsch connections, all our lights on the trailers are easy to set up and remove, keeping valuable production times down. We’ve been working with the Lucidity guys for a few years to implement a loom kit in tippers, and we’re very excited to have this as a standard on all our trailers.”

The team at Robuk understand the value of investing in the latest technologies from Lucidity Australia.

“To continue to evolve, Robuk invests in companies and materials that aim to be at the forefront of new technology and it’s great that Lucidity has the same mindset,” James says. “The knowledge of Lucidity’s Mat Jenkins is second to none, and he’s always just a phone call away for customer support.”

Earlier this year, Robuk exhibited at the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show where it utilised much of Lucidity’s technology at the event.

“The 2021 Brisbane Truck Show was outstanding,” James says. “It was great to see so many familiar faces in the industry and tell them our story, from our humble beginnings in a small shed in rural Queensland to where we are now. We had a PBS A-double on our stand and had one of the bodies lifted. By doing this we offered the public a full tour of the Lucidity loom kit running through our chassis.”

Fast Fact
Lucidity Australia provides specialised lighting, wiring and electronics for trailer and commercial vehicle manufacturers. It stands out in the market for its solutions-based approach and aftersales support – services it claims are unmatched by shelf-based commodity competitors.