Camerons’ trailer: Built by people for people

Behind every successful company are driven individuals who’ve worked hard to give life to their vision. At just 22 years of age, that vision took shape for Glen Cameron with the inception of a small taxi‑truck company in the Melbourne suburb of Bayswater.

Nearly 40 years later, the Glen Cameron Group has transformed into a successful multi-discipline logistics business servicing customers all around Australia. But was hasn’t changed is that developing strong relationships with key suppliers is at the core of the Glen Cameron Group ethos.

“We pride ourselves on delivering a level of service to our customers that is second to none,” says Shane Coates, Group Asset Manager for the Glen Cameron Group. “Although Camerons has grown into a national company, striving to maintain personal relationships with both our suppliers and customers is the cornerstone of how we do what we do”

“There are a number of factors that dictate why and who we purchase equipment from,” he explains. “It goes without saying that we look for the best equipment available and certainly price is an important consideration, but overriding this is the relationship aspect. The support that follows the purchase is probably the most important thing to us.”

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