Carrier tech delivers performance gains for Wynyard Transport

Tasmanian freight business, Wynyard Transport, turns to Carrier for its refrigerated transportation requirements.

The operating efficiency and reliability of its trailer refrigeration units was a major factor for Wynyard Transport when it specified Carrier for its dairy freight task across Tasmania.

The other pull factor was the customer service the business received from Carrier in the past, on top of a quality product that had proven to be successful for Wynyard’s application.

Located 60km west of Devonport, the seaside town of Wynyard has been home to the namesake family business for three generations. Current owners Garth Hutton and his wife Briana Hutton acquired the business from his father, Ian Hutton,
in 2008.

The company currently runs bulk liquid products across many states, specialising in, but not limited to dairy which primarily deals with the haulage of packaged
milk where temperatures run between +2°C and +4°C.

“Most of our trailers are used basically as a cold store, with customers loading throughout the day, and we dispatch the next morning,” says Wynyard Transport Managing Director, Garth Hutton. “So, most of our run time is standby. Our engine run time is 16 per cent of our electric standby run time. Our units are predominantly sitting on a dock, running on three-phase electricity, which just runs all of the major components of the unit.”

Wynyard Transport also take advantage of enhanced temperature monitoring and control on all of its Carrier-spec’d trailers with Carrier eSolutions telematics.

Apart from GPS tracking and temperature monitoring, “Carrier eSolutions gives us the ability to download data and perform over-the-air software updates,” Garth says. “Basically, we can do everything from our desk in the office. That was an important feature for us to demonstrate our compliance to food safety programs when we’re audited.”

Through each generation of the business, Wynyard Transport has enjoyed growth and consolidation. Taking over two trucks in the dairy industry in Tasmania, Garth and Briana have managed to expand their company to include interstate freight haulage.

“Two years ago, we wanted to upgrade our trailers and some of our refrigeration units, so we did a reasonably extensive investigation on the different brands in the market,” Garth says. “We were going to run two different varieties of units and we ended up going with Carrier. The reason was because we’ve had a good experience with Carrier units in the past, our trusting relationship with Carrier Transicold’s Sales Manager, and it just seemed natural to consolidate with the one brand. We thought that Carrier was going to be a good fit for the standby power, it was a new unit at the time. It promoted fuel efficiency, but also internally it only had one belt drive driven in it.

“We thought that was going to be a bit more reliable for our operation. Carrier seemed to be capable of standby power on these units.”

The new, Stage-V compliant diesel engine with electronic engine control delivers fuel savings of up to 30 per cent. Other improvements include considerable noise and vibration reduction, new APX control system, and an ultra-efficient evaporator fan.

“The Carrier HE19 units seem to be quite fuel efficient,” Garth says. “With the upgraded design we have seen a significant reduction in fuel. They switch from electric to diesel automatically, so once the unit is set with the program temperature, the driver just has to flick one switch. Once they unplug the three-phase power from the factory, the unit automatically switches over to diesel. Basically, there’s no input from the drivers, all they do is check the oil and go. We haven’t had any issues in the last two years. We’re very happy with the performance, reliability and fuel economy. Therefore, we don’t see any reason to change direction on our purchases of the Carrier units.”

Wynyard runs standard Carrier units as the operational needs only require the one temperature control setting throughout the unit. However, as a future-proof request to set the units up for any other refrigerated work ahead, Garth opted for a multi-temp host unit, with the provision to run multiple evaporators.

“Carrier systems are reliable,” he says. “We haven’t put a spanner on any of the new Carrier HE19s so far. We are happy with the overall performance. The Carrier Sales Manager was the one who recommended the units to us when we were still in research stage. We’ve received great customer support from the Carrier team.

“Although we’ve not had an issue with any of the units, the Carrier team contacts us every few months to check over the units.”

In other news, earlier this year, Carrier announced its first fully electric and autonomous trailer refrigeration system, Vector eCool.