A man’s quest

Graeme Elphinstone loves a good challenge. If he comes across a component he doesn’t deem well thought-out, he has to find a way Read more

A story of success

Nestling in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, the Melbourne suburb of Bayswater is benefiting from – or becoming a victim of – Read more

A never-ending story

Just as Bob Pearson is known as the intellectual father of the B-double, Greg Byrnes must be considered a key figure in the Read more

Against the odds

On 27 September 1974, on the tail end of a gruelling two-week cold spell, Vawdrey Australia first opened for business in the Melbourne Read more

Feeling the progress

It was an unusually windy day in the spring of 1983 when a group of journalists, policemen, council representatives and local businessmen got Read more

Changing the game

In 1981, he went on a study tour of the United States and Canada that would reinforce that sentiment upon seeing Canadian B-trains Read more

A coupling dynasty

What happened on a warm Thursday evening in early September as part of the Australian Road Transport Suppliers’ Association’s (ARTSA) inaugural Life Members Read more

Beyond business

It’d be tempting to portray Grant Smyth, the now 70-year-old mastermind behind iconic refrigerated trailer brand, Fibreglass Transport Equipment (FTE), as a classic Read more