Modern wheel measurement

Inappropriate tyre management, wheel alignment, or tyre pressure can have a significant negative impact on fuel consumption. “Incorrect alignment can increase rolling resistance by Read more

German specialty

German trailer manufacturer Fliegl has introduced a low loader designed to transport high-tech ploughing equipment. The customer, family owned company Frank Föckersperger GmbH, is Read more

No clowning around for Krueger

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Great Moscow Circus in Australia. Originating in Russia, with new performances continuing to be released each Read more

Hella logo gets a facelift

Lighting company, Hella, has revealed its updated logo. This is only the third time the company’s logo has undergone a design change since the Read more

Vawdrey’s constant evolution

The first version of Vawdrey’s Buckleless Curtain load restraint trailer was released two years ago at the 2009 Brisbane Truck Show. Vawdrey’s Engineering Read more

Modern braking and stability

In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, transport companies are demanding equipment that can provide increased fuel efficiency, which can make all the Read more