Championing grain haulage with BRE A-doubles

A 30m PBS A-double combination from Bruce Rock Engineering has so far ticked all the right boxes for TGR Transport’s requirements – from payload gains to ease of use and reliability.

TGR Transport took delivery of its first set of 30m Performance Based Standards (PBS) A-double trailer from Bruce Rock Engineering (BRE) earlier this year, and the team is already looking forward to taking delivery of its second set later this year.

Geelong-based TGR is a family-owned and operated national freight carrier established in 2009 by Managing Director Tom Allen. The business specialises in transport of bulk grain, general, machinery, and rural freight, shipping containers, and mining and construction machinery.

Such wide application means TGR owns and operates a dependable range of vehicles and equipment to do the job. Its current range of six Kenworth prime movers combined with BRE-built B-doubles and road trains make any job easy. TGR purchased its first BRE grain belly dumper two years ago.

Bruce Rock trailers are designed with quality material and offer low tare weight with optimum strength. All BRE trailers are available with different combinations of equipment such as air-bag suspension, disc brake axles and Alcoa aluminium wheels.

Tom almost stumbled upon his first BRE B-double trailer. Even though he had heard good things about BRE and its product offering, he didn’t purchase one until early 2020. While looking around for a used set that best fit his grain haulage requirements, Tom came across a demo BRE model that seemed to fit the bill. Impressed with the solid build and good price, Tom picked up his first BRE set. With use over the months, he realised that the set was also reliable, efficient, safe and easy to operate.

For his next combination from BRE, Tom went for a 30m PBS A-double twin hopper set. BRE hopper trailers are dependable, robust, and allow grain unloading with precision. There are huge productivity gains too. “We get the highest payload per truck. Although belly dumpers may not be as versatile as end tippers, they certainly offer substantial benefits by means of lighter tare weight and efficiency,” he says.

For Tom, the lighter tare weight and ease of loading and unloading were major factors. The other aspect was safety.

“The unit provides stability while unloading, there is no risk of tipping or hitting overhead structures while unloading, and there is minimum dust during unloading. The multiple compartments also provide for better weight distribution and the option to load different commodities in the one trailer. BRE belly dumpers are really hard to beat on the grain job.”

Coming from a mechanical engineering background Tom has a solid understanding of good design and structure, and he feels BRE has it down pat. BRE is a leading manufacturer of PBS combinations that allow significant increases to payload, while also improving the on-road behaviour of the vehicle, resulting in an environmentally friendly, safe and efficient vehicle.

“PBS seems to be the way of the future for HPV’s (High Productivity Vehicles), and the cost of becoming PBS approved is now a lot more affordable than it was two years ago. Being based in Geelong, the only way we can run a Road Train, or A-double as they are referred to in Victoria, is to have the entire combination PBS approved.

“The mechanical aspect of the trailers is very impressive. Our trailers and dollies are fitted with WABCO ABS/EBS and Airtec OBM (On Board Mass) gauges.

“The prime mover is fitted with a TMA (Telematics Monitoring Application) device from V-DAQ.”

The trailers are performing well and have not had any major service needs – another win for TGR.