Complete onboard weighing solutions

Distributing scale systems for more than 20 years, Loadmass is making life in the heavy hauling game easier — and more accurate. The company supplies and installs vehicle on-board truck scale systems and associated software across three main industries: road transport, waste management and mining and construction.

Loadmass Pty Ltd is a leader in the supply and installation of onboard truck scales to the Australian truck market with the company gaining Transport Certification Australia (TCA), Smart On-board mass (OBM) Category B Type Approval in January 2021.

The product that was approved was the LM300 Can-Coder Scale System developed and tested in Australia in conjunction with the manufacturer of the Loadman product in the US.

The Category B approval confirms the robust design of the Loadman product as it has met all stringent testing requirements set by TCA for both hardware and software.
Loadmass Pty Ltd can also boast that it was the first on-board scale company in Australia to receive TCA Category A type approval.

The OBM Type Approval allows Loadmass to provide its customers seeking higher mass limits access to a scale system that is digitally connected to Smart OBM systems allowing not only the recording of the load, but also offers other safety and regulatory information for compliance purposes.

Road access arrangements for higher mass, such as those relating to Performance-Based Standards (PBS) and high productivity vehicles will require mass data information to be collected using a Smart OBM system. The LM300 system recent approval means the Loadmass product is ideal for their customers who will benefit from the productivity gains available. The return on investment will come back to the truck operator in a very short time.

“The Victorian Government is updating the telematics requirements for high productivity freight vehicles (HPFV) to include on-board mass (OBM) systems,” VicRoads said in a statement. “Operators have until November 2021 to install type approved smart OBM systems to their HPFVs.”

Loadmass has been steadily gearing up for the regulatory changes that are now in force.

The company is the only OBM supplier of Category B scales that are compatible with four certified Application Service Providers that support the OBM system. This gives Loadmass customers more options when choosing a telematics supplier.

Loadmass already has its products in service with a number of larger fleet operators throughout Australia, with some of these fleets operating in very difficult climatic and terrain conditions. The LM300 system is proving it can stand up to these rugged conditions without missing a beat – another reason for operators to defer to Loadmass as an onboard mass equipment supplier.

Loadmass Pty Ltd is also the distributor for the Airtec range of on-board scales which have recently received TCA Category B Type Approval. Loadmass really is the place to go for onboard scale solutions.

Fast Fact
Loadmass supplies a diverse range of digital on-board scale systems for most practical applications and vehicle types according to Loadmass Managing Director, Frank Parker. “As a distributor of weighing systems, Loadmass can provide fleet operators and owner-drivers with the equipment they need to run a safer, more efficient freight task, without settling for an option that does not tick all the boxes,” he says.