Connectivity is key

Bulk liquid and chemical transport carrier, Unanderra Tanker Hire, has invested in WABCO telematics to improve the safety and efficiency of its operations.

Unanderra Tanker Hire (UTH) has been servicing the liquid transport needs of specialised freight companies along Australia’s eastern seaboard for more than 40 years.

Managing Director, Jeremiah Wiedl, says the business is committed to providing environmentally sound and efficient transportation of various liquid products, specialising in chemicals and corrosive 8 Dangerous Goods (DG).

The company utilises a diverse fleet of modern vehicles including small rigid tankers, semi-trailers and B-double configurations. There are currently 47 trucks and rigids (a mix of Kenworth, Western Star, Mercedes-Benz, DAF and Volvo) and 66 trailers – aluminium, stainless steel, fibreglass and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). UTH provides metro, short-haul and line-haul cartage within New South Wales as well as linehaul cartage that covers Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Northern Territory.

“Our primary operation is in Port Kembla, as well as a secondary depot in Minto, New South Wales, with a sub-depot in country Victoria, and a presence in south-east Queensland,” Jeremiah says. “UTH staff are trained in the handling of DG and are licensed by the Environmental Protection Authority.”

UTH has arranged for the fitment of WABCO telematics on its heavy vehicles to keep track of its assets.

“Tracking our fleet is of upmost importance,” Jeremiah says. “We need to know where UTH trucks and trailers are at all times. This helps us manage the fatigue of our drivers, provide accurate ETAs for our clients and is also critical in our trip planning.”

The main product that UTH uses is TX-TRAILERFIT tracking portal and the WABCO diagnostic software. WABCO Product Support Manager, Blair Rundle, says TX-TRAILERFIT provides a basis to estimate and evaluate the technical health of each trailer.

“It processes the diagnostics code history as logged by the Operating Data Recorder (ODR) and specifically features events such as diagnostic trouble codes, warning lamps, tilt alerts, insufficient tyre pressure, RSS events, supply pressure warnings, wheel-speed, demand pressure and axle load sensor data,” he says. “The solution includes up-to-date digital trailer ID cards, describing various technical trailer details, such as trailer brand, model, EBS type and axle configuration. Daily monitoring and follow-up of the evolution of technical health based on diagnostics trouble codes, EBS warning lamps and other contextual information such as location, result in the attribution of a health score per trailer, which is constantly updated according to any new event that may have occurred.”

TX-TRAILERFIT, according to Blair, reduces the chance of vehicle breakdowns, eliminates unnecessary maintenance and optimises maintenance scheduling, parts replacement sessions, ensuring faster response times in the workshop.

“The ability to live track assets and view events and alerts is the main reason why UTH has invested in WABCO telematics,” Jeremiah says. “Tracking driver behaviour is good to coach and change driver behaviour to reduce incidents.”

To maintain its WABCO telematics systems and to stay up to date with the latest technologies, UTH has partnered with Air Brake Systems.

“The aftersales for the WABCO product is great,” Jeremiah says.

UTH recently purchased two new trailers and has retrofitted four units with plans to fit the WABCO system to the entire fleet. Jeremiah has seen immediate benefits with the use of WABCO telematics.

“Tracking is live,” he says. “We can prove locations, times, events and weights, air pressures and so on. It’s great to be able to have this data now and look back at history to learn.”

Fast Fact
Unanderra Tanker Hire has its own National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) regulated workshop with full-time mechanics and 24/7 emergency breakdown service to minimise equipment downtime while meeting all regulatory and industry standards. The fleet’s use of WABCO telematics ensures efficient and timely operations.