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Refrigerated road transport operators now have access to Carrier Transicold’s eSolutions telematics platform for greater fleet visibility and efficiency.

Carrier Transicold’s eSolutions telematics platform for remote monitoring of refrigerated trucks and trailers continues to be improved with features for greater functionality, including a new web-based dashboard that provides critical fleet information for better decision making.

The eSolutions platform helps refrigerated transporters operate more efficiently by improving visibility of their cold chain assets and intelligently providing a centralised data stream about transport refrigeration units.

“The eSolutions platform not only gives connected fleets detailed information about their refrigerated loads, but it also supplies more comprehensive information about their Carrier transport refrigeration unit operation than any third-party telematics systems,” says Kelly Geddes, Director of Product & Aftermarket Solutions, Carrier Transicold Australia. “We call this remarkable fleet intelligence ‘TRU IQ.’ In addition to providing critical data, such as temperatures, location and movement of refrigerated assets, the eSolutions platform can provide analytics and diagnostic information about a fleet’s Carrier Transicold refrigeration units.”

The new dashboard has widgets that provide an at-a-glance overview of the fleet based on key parameters such as critical fuel levels, movement, refrigeration system operating mode and whether parked assets are running on diesel, which will be helpful for fleets subject to idling restrictions. Fleet managers can use the widgets to find specific information about individual units.

Geofencing capabilities have been improved and, when two-way control capabilities are enabled, can allow for creation of customised automatic responses and notifications by email and text.

Carrier trailer refrigeration units.

The enhanced live map mode now offers filter buttons, so managers can isolate and view units by a range of criteria. For example, users can pinpoint units that are not in service, units running in chilled or frozen mode, units in an alarm state or some combination of filters. Additionally, fleet managers can zoom in on specific refrigerated assets to see highly detailed information about refrigeration unit operation, movement, speed and direction.

Going forward, Carrier’s new global Lynx digital platform will enable application support to expand and enhance the automation capabilities of the eSolutions platform.

The system has the advantage of being fully supported by Carrier Transicold’s service network.

The basic eSolutions package provides essential monitoring services. The second tier adds two-way control to remotely adjust setpoints and operating modes. The third tier adds data downloads, remote software updates and the ability to upload IntelliSet control configurations.

All Carrier truck and trailer refrigeration units can be fitted with Carrier eSolutions OEM integrated telematics systems from new or retrofit.

Carrier eSolutions telematics can be bundled with a Carrier BluEdge Elite maintenance agreement to protect your investment with comprehensive maintenance & repairs for a fixed monthly fee.

Fleets can better manage their on-road assets with Carrier’s telematics solution.

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