Cream of the crop

Byford’s 26m Farm Collection road tanker combination is the only Level 1 Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved vehicle over 20m in length that can legally and physically access most dairy farms in Victoria. This, according to National Sales and Compliance Manager, Chris Nisbet, is due to a patented steer axle design.

Productivity and compliance are major considerations for Australian milk transport operators and other bulk liquid carriers when it comes to investing in modern road tankers.

“Milk factories are also now specifying the new 26m Byford combinations as they look after their suppliers better with trailer sets not tearing up the farm tracks and driveways,” Chris says. “The councils are also more supportive of access to and from farm by allowing these smarter vehicles to go more places as they have learnt that they won’t rip up or damage the council’s roads.”

Route access and PBS also play important roles in supporting transport businesses.
“Most of the dairy farms in Australia are based in Victoria and the close-by regions of New South Wales and South Australia,” Chris says. “Working with the states and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) for several years now, we are close to gaining a dairy gazette or dairy commodity route that will gazette all farms for the Byford 26m combinations. No matter what transport company collects the milk, as long as they use a Byford 26m combination, they can collect the milk.”

Full compliance support is also available to all Byford customers – from PBS vehicle approval through to coordinating farm access.

Byford is committed to designing and producing productive road tankers that future-proof fleets with innovative gear which is intended to be used well into the future.
“With future-proofing in mind, VicRoads, for instance, may offer higher mass approvals once bridges and structures are upgraded,” Chris says. “Our Series II 26m A-doubles are designed with larger barrels but still on the 2-2-2- footprint. If this upgrade to mass happens, these can be brought back and a third axle added to each trailer allowing the next jump from 74.5 tonnes up to 85-tonne approval.”

All milk collection tankers from Byford are supplied with side entry man-ways and fail-safe automatic loading/unloading venting systems as standard. These dairy tankers also feature insulated barrels, stainless steel outer skin with mirror finish, pneumatic fill/CIP valving, internal Clean in Place (CIP) lines, fully welded dished baffles and bulkheads as well as toolbox, air bag suspension, aluminium wheels, LED lighting and JOST Modul landing legs.

Byford also tailor the tankers it builds to best suit the needs of the operator. Other available options range from compensating turntables to pumping equipment and Byford breathers.

Chris says BPW Transpec has been working hard to make improvements to the steer axles it produces. “Byford road tanker combinations average 250,000 kilometres per year on some of the harshest farm driveways and local roads in the country and have been found to be very reliable.

The experienced and diligent Byford team are poised to add value to transport businesses Australia-wide.

“With our office in Moama, New South Wales, along with our Fitzgerald Rd, Truganina Melbourne branch, Byford is on-hand to provide quality road transport equipment and thorough customer service.”

Fast Fact
Since 1975, Byford Equipment has proven to be a leader in the design and fabrication of tankers made from stainless steel, duplex metals and aluminium for the food, wine and chemicals industries. The specialist manufacturer strives to set industry benchmarks in innovation, quality, productivity and service.

Fast Fact
National freight and logistics service provider, Booth Transport, have just taken delivery of additional Byford 26m Farm Collection combinations to add to their growing fleet. This brings the total number of Byford 26m Farm collection combinations currently collecting milk on the road every day in Australia to 130 tanker combinations.

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