Custom built by Graystar

Looking for a company that was poised to implement a unique vehicle design, Sargeant Transport approached Preston-based Graystar Trailers. The company required a B-double Drive Thru combination that featured an integral vertical double loader system with tracking recessed in the walls.

“The trailers had to have an aluminium Airflow floor – due to the strength required under high volume use – that was recessed flush with the sills on the door frames,” says David Gray, managing director of Graystar Trailers. “So we had to spend many hours designing a suitable solution.”

Full freezer spec insulated roller doors were required on the rear of the A-trailer and the front and rear of the B-trailer; and the roller door tracks had to be recessed into the walls to allow for unhindered pallet loading. “Both trailers had to be set up dimensionally to handle standard Australian pallets,” David explains.

In addition, Peter Bone, Fleet General Manager of Sargeant Transport, required a maximum internal height to ensure double loading. “A premium was possible due to the design of the Graystar Trailer,” he says. “And due to the superior Hi Density Styrofoam insulation, we were also able to maximise the refrigeration capabilities.”

Yet the A Trailer still had to be able to roll to the back of the chassis when required, even though both trailers were designed to be Drive Thru. “It was a challenge,” David Gray admits. “But Graystar distinguishes itself in action.”
David Gray approached David Bailey from Allsafe Jungfalk for information about a double loader system. “Allsafe Jungfalk’s range of load restraint sytems is second to none. David Bailey’s help was invaluable in helping us set the recessed track system up.”

Based on Graystar’s design, Allsafe Jungfalk delivered a high tensile Aluminium track that was recessed and bonded into the walls. “Recessing was required so that pallets did not get damaged when being loaded or unloaded. The 1350kg capacity load bars are stored up against the roof and can be lowered into position when required. This means that they do not have to be physically removed from the trailers, reducing the chance of misplacing them and injuring the driver.”

To date, the initial combination has been in continuous use for twelve months, “with extremely favourable reviews,” says David Gray. “So much so that a second combination is under construction at the moment. But the second one will incorporate some design changes to improve the experience for Sargeant Transport – especially at the bottom line.”

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