Daysworth Ottawa 6×4

In 2009, Thompson Bros. Transport Thompson started looking at ways to address a fleet congested issue at its home base in Dubbo, New South Wales. That’s when the company began sourcing alternative solutions for moving its trailers on-site instead of relying on the prime movers to do the job.

“It’s a very time consuming process and a costly one too, once you add up all the particulars such as finding available trucks to move the trailers, connecting the trailers and winding up their landing legs. It’s a whole range of factors that on a day-to-day schedule, simply takes up too much time and wastes valuable fuel,” says Managing Director, Mark Thompson.

That’s why Mark got in touch with terminal tractor specialist, Daysworth International. The Melbourne-based company recommended the Ottawa 6×4 multi-purpose terminal tractor, and Mark, well versed in the tractor’s features, knew that it would pay immediate dividends.

“The Ottawa 6×4 is much faster to move our trailers in because there are fewer movements in connecting the tractor to the trailer,” he says. “From a productivity point of view, it’s safer too because drivers don’t need to get in and out of the cabin, and is much easier to manoeuvre than a larger prime mover. In addition, it’s user-friendly too, which means any one of our staff can operator the vehicle.”

Designed to be as efficient as possible, the Ottawa 6×4 is powered by a Cummins ISB 300 HP Euro 5 engine and is fully certified for highway use as the unit meets Australian Design Rules (ADR) standards. “This means we can also use the tractor for shuttling trailers in our depots, as well as on the road to some nearby locations within a 10 or 20 km radius,” Mark adds.

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