DDS Transport Solutions on getting the most from BPW axles and brakes

Ops Manager, Damien Van Twest, says as a small transport business operating from Rocklea, quality, durability and aftersales support are big considerations for DDS Transport. BPW Transpec products give them all of that.

One of the business arms of Queensland-based, DDS Transport Solutions, specialises in the transportation of fresh fruit and vegetables in Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs, while the other arm operates trucks and trailer combinations that run all over the country moving Porsche race cars. Both sides of the business rely on some of the best products in the market despite handling very different freight tasks.

“We are a very time sensitive company that works on set time slots,” says DDS Transport’s Operations Manager, Damien Van Twest. “We need to get to our destinations on time, and that’s why we use the best vehicles and vehicle components in the market. On the refrigeration side of things, we run a fleet of MAN prime movers and a fleet of semi-standard built MaxiCUBE fridge vans – all on BPW disc brake axles, AL2 suspension with Haldex EBS brake system.

“Our four car transporters are custom-built by Graham Lusty Trailers, and also feature BPW disc brake axles, AL2 suspension and Haldex Electronic Braking System (EBS). The fleet of six trucks cart fresh produce seven days a week in an approximately 50km radius of Brisbane, while our race car fleet goes anywhere from Darwin to South Australia and Perth.”

DDS Transport purchased its first trailer in 2006, which was a used trailer and it had BPW axles. Around 2008, the company built its first new trailer using BPW axles and TSB disc brakes and everything that DDS has built since then has had nothing but BPW components. For the team at DDS, the performance and quality of BPW is excellent.

“On our fresh produce side we do short distance and maximum weight, so we’ve found that BPW axles and disc brakes are the best combination for what we do,” Damien says. “We’re all about reliability and low maintenance and BPW gives us exactly that. On the race car side of things, we have maximum weight and super long distance, so again, the aspect of reliability is crucial. Plus, the race car operations are very time-sensitive and therefore we have stuck with the one brand that give us complete reliability, excellent service support and zero downtime.”

For a successful transport business, if the trucks are not moving on the road, they’re not making money. DDS Transport believes in it firmly and that is why the team aims for zero downtime on both applications.

“We need to know that our fleet is going to get to the destination on time and safely,” Damien says. “BPW axles with the new proprietary TS2 disc brakes have proven to be highly reliable with the best performance in its class. That’s why we won’t use anything else but BPW. Many other brands have tried to get us to change, but that is something that will not consider. Also, The customer service that the team at BPW provides makes buying their products a no-brainer, really. Evan McDonald in Brisbane looks after our fleet. Evan’s commitment to the BPW brand and any service that he provides is absolutely second to none. There is no one else in the country, who I trust more than him to look after my products. So apart from quality product that is dependable, durable, reliable, BPW ticks every box, but then the aftersales service is a huge tick on top of a great product.”