DHL ships Covid-19 vaccines weekly as Australia rolls out vaccination program

To support the Australian government’s inoculation program, DHL Global Forwarding, will deliver additional doses of Covid-19 vaccines on a weekly basis into the country.

DHL Global Forwarding arranged for the collection and airfreight of the vaccines from the manufacturing site in Europe and upon the vaccines’ arrival in Australia, handled the customs clearance and final delivery to a designated location.

“Logistics plays a critical role in getting vaccines to where it is urgently needed,” said DHL Global Forwarding North Asia & South Pacific CEO, Charles Kaufmann.

“Globally, across many markets, our cold-chain network and pharmaceutical logistics expertise have meticulously planned every last detail to manage an extremely complex operation seamlessly.”

The strength of DHL’s global logistics network is deployed in Australia’s on-going response to the Covid-19. In December last year, the Australian Department of Health announced contracts with logistics partners, including DHL Supply Chain, to “design and operate a national distribution network” to support nationwide vaccinations even in remote and hard to reach areas.

“The shipments were delivered on time, and most importantly, in the right condition according to strict requirements,” said DHL Global Forwarding Australia Managing Director, George Lawson.

“That’s the result of many months of rigorous planning to ensure the vaccines are delivered within the fastest possible time while ensuring the quality, safety and security of these critical shipments.

“Connecting People, Improving Lives is part of our Group’s core purpose. As we join the global response to the pandemic, we live this by doing what we do best – providing first rate logistics in the communities we operate in.”

Across DHL’s dedicated global network, more than 9,000 specialists work to connect pharmaceutical and research organisations, wholesalers and distributors, as well as hospitals and healthcare providers across the value chain. With this contract, the logistics expert for air, ocean and road freight expands its global presence in vaccine distribution.

DHL’s portfolio for the healthcare industry includes 150-plus pharmacists, 20-plus clinical trials depots, 100-plus certified stations, 160-plus GDP-qualified warehouses, 15-plus GMP-certified sites, 135-plus medical express sites and an international network covering 220 countries and territories.

On a global scale, logistics providers are challenged to establish medical supply chains rapidly to deliver vaccines of unprecedented amount of more than 10 billion doses worldwide – also in regions with less developed logistics infrastructure, where approximately three billion people live. To provide global coverage of the next two years, DHL estimated in its vaccine whitepaper report that up to 200,000 pallet shippers and 15 million cooling boxes as well as 15,000 flights will be required across the various supply chain setups.