EMM Group delivers with BTE-Kenworth PBS combination

EMM Group has taken delivery of a Kenworth T659 Tri Drive tipper and dog trailer from Bulk Transport Equipment (BTE).

EMM Group Fleet Manager, Adam Myers, said the trailer enables the business to run 68.5 tonnes, a major improvement from its current payload.

“It’s a T659 Kenworth Tridem, which means it will lift up the axle at the front, coupled to a five-axle dog trailer,” he said.

“So, we can run 68.5 tonnes, and our current payload on Performance-Based Standards (PBS) routes is about 46.8 tonnes.”

Myers said the trailer came with a list of features which has helped make their job a lot easier.

“The trailer’s also set up with a Ringfeder and couplings at the rear of it to hook a quad-dog in there and run on road train route to New South Wales,” said Myers.

“It’s got lift-up axles on both the front and rear of the trailer as well as a slippery floor in the trailer and mesh tarps for optimal unloading. It’s an amazing bit of gear.”

Myers also said that it arrived at the perfect time what with soaring fuel prices.

“It’s just been able to get more on, better productivity,” he said. “It couldn’t have come at a better time, with the fuel prices going through the roof.”

Myers believes BTE have a positive reputation in the transport industry due to their commitment to aftersales support.

“I’m thinking it’s pretty good,” he said. “We generally have no issues with them, and if there is they’re resolved extremely quickly. I think they’re highly reputable.”

EMM Group, established in 1985, has since expanded into a more diverse company, offering services in building trades, environments, garden supplies, commercial soil supply and bulk transport services.