Ensure ultimate safety from Bendix brake upgrade kits

The high-performance components in the Bendix Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kit and the Bendix Ultimate 4WD Drum Upgrade Kit are designed to meet Australia’s demanding conditions.

Many in the road transport industry rely on the functionality and performance of 4WD vehicles for a wide range of jobs.

The versatility of a 4WD often leads to people using them as a personal or family vehicle away from work too. This means the vehicles can go through a range of different driving conditions and pressures, which increases the need for better performing braking systems. The Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kits from Bendix are designed to offer a comprehensive brake upgrade for many of the latest 4WD vehicles available in the market today.

Built to withstand tough Aussie driving conditions, the Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kits feature advanced brake pads and rotors, braided lines and a range of ancillary items.

The Bendix Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kit includes two Ultimate Brake Rotors, a set of Ultimate 4WD Brake Pads, a Vehicle Set Ultimate Brake Hose, 1L Heavy Duty Brake Fluid, a can of Bendix Cleanup, a tube of Ceramasil Brake Parts Lubricant, Bendix rotor wipes, and a 60L Icebox.

The Ultimate 4WD Brake Pads are designed to meet Australia’s tough road conditions. They deliver increased stopping power right when the driver needs it. The high-performance brake pads use a specially compounded high-performance ceramic material that results in high temperature stability, excellent fade resistance, low noise and dust resistance. The Ultimate 4WD Brake Pads work best with slotted rotors and therefore deliver confident stopping in all driving conditions. The Mechanical Retention System (MRS) backing plate used in commercial vehicle brake pads delivers improved pad attachment strength for heavy duty operating conditions.

The Ultimate 4WD Rotors included in the kit are manufactured to the highest level of precision engineering based on OEM specifications. The rotors are designed using innovative technology including high carbon metallurgy for increased braking performance plus special diamond tip slots and a special bi-directional pillar design that quickly and efficiently expel gases, water, dust and grit.

The advanced technology ensures the driver has absolute control when braking in extreme conditions with instant response and even friction.

Meanwhile, the easy to fit braided Ultimate Brake Hose, which comes with a protective sleeve, is designed and manufactured in compliance with SAE J1401 specifications.

Working together, all these high-performance components result in a firm brake pedal that does not over expand under pressure, ensures reduction in brake dust and braking noise, along with thermal stability in high temperatures and resistance to brake fade.

Brake drums also covered
For people who own dual cab four-wheel-drive utility vehicles, which typically run a rear drum brake configuration, Bendix offers the recently released ‘Ultimate 4WD Drum Upgrade Kits’ which are designed to complement the Ultimate disc brake kit.

This kit contains two Ultimate 4WD Brake Drums, an Ultimate 4WD Brake Shoe Kit plus a can of Bendix Cleanup and Bendix Rotor Wipes.

The advanced high carbon metallurgy drum increases brake performance and stopping power and has a protective ‘Swiftfit’ zinc coating making it ready to fit. The hub is coated with epoxy with corrosion inhibitors that will not regrade over time making it look attractive and very functional.

The brake shoes in the kit are GG friction rated with higher friction capabilities than the OE parts, improving stopping performance overall especially with heavy loads. The black painted steel shoes also incorporate improved corrosion resistance and have superior strength and durability. Both kits are available for a wide range of models including Ranger, Colorado, D-Max, BT50, Triton, Hilux, Amarok and Nissan D40 / D23.