Exceeding expectations

A lightweight and robust axles and suspensions package from SAF-Holland has enabled Tieman Tankers to deliver a game changing road train combination for Trojan Haulage, demonstrating impressive payload and route access gains.

Pocket road trains within 27.5m overall length have been the most efficient combination to cart product in Western Australia for nearly two decades. That was until the latest innovation from Tieman Tankers – the `Super Pocket` – entered the market.

In May, Trojan Haulage took delivery of a `Super Pocket`, fitted with SAF-Holland gear, which has seen service in and out of the Kwinana fuel terminal supporting regional clientele.

“The `Super Pocket` has a 17 per cent payload advantage over our biggest capacity pocket road train in the fleet,” says Trojan Haulage Director, Callum Lumsden. “We move more litres with fewer trucks in a safer and more efficient manner. Also, we are able to achieve similar payloads to a conventional C-train combination while operating a vehicle that is much safer on the road with better route access.”

Under Performance-Based Standards (PBS), designs can be built outside of normal dimensional parameters provided 14 key PBS performance measures are met.

With a Cross Combination Mass (GCM) of 116 tonnes, and capacity to cart 98,500 litres of diesel, the `Super Pocket` is able to move more fuel with fewer emissions, fewer vehicle movements and with a far greater safety aspect, Callum says. “We have other high GCM trucks in operation but nothing rivals the payload and access of the `Super Pocket` built by Tieman.”

The tankers are fitted with SAF Intradisc air bag suspension and have been specified with 377mm rotors.

“This axle and suspension combination has been used successfully throughout previous builds,” Callum says. “Our Workshop Manager, Carl Rasteiro, praises the simple design and ease of maintenance. We involve Carl in a lot of our equipment purchases. Ultimately, it’s his team that have to keep them on the road in the later part of their lifespan. The suspension behaves well on the road and we are able to pick up extra payload with the lighter design while not compromising on quality.”

The `Super Pocket` also has level 2 swept path at low speed with rear steer axles on each quad-axle group.

“The trailers track well and the swept path mimics a traditional pocket road train,” Callum says. “It is hard to get your head around it until you jump in and go for a drive. The way this combination handles is amazing, for big payloads these combinations are certainly the best way forward.”

As for aftersales support with the SAF-Holland gear, Callum says the local representative, Terry, has been as keen to see the road tanker combination on the road as the team at Trojan Haulage have. “There is always support when required but to date we haven’t had any major issues with the SAF gear.”

The SAF-Holland equipment, Callum says, has allowed for some great payload numbers while maintaining a robust suspension and axle combination.”

Trojan Haulage’s `Super Pocket` is coupled to a twin steer tri drive 700 HP Volvo.

“It took a lot of hard work and planning to get this combination on the road,” Callum says. “We are very happy with what we have been able to produce in conjunction with Brodie Tieman of Tieman Tankers and Andrew Watts from Truck Centre WA. The combination exceeded our initial payload targets, is far safer to tow than a traditional C-train and with the Volvo 10×6 it’s a really stress-free driver friendly combo.”

Fast Fact
Tieman have introduced a game changing design that increases payload on the most efficient standard fuel pocket road train by nearly 20 per cent.