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20 years on Rentco still expanding

  • From the March 2015 issue.
20 years on Rentco still expanding

The past year has been one worthy of note for Rentco. Alongside celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Perth-based company has used customer feedback to add to its ever-expanding catalogue of transport rental equipment.

2014 saw Rentco’s 20th year in the transport rental business, and it was another good one. After starting out in April 1994 with just nine trailers, the company has grown immensely to around 120 staff and a fleet of approximately 1,800 pieces of equipment, available for rent in every state and territory on the mainland.

But Managing Director Bob Shier remains humble, saying that the company celebrated the anniversary in small, quiet ways. “We didn’t do anything big, just let everyone know that we’ve been around for 20 years. But it was still an important milestone, especially since we’ve seen growth every year. The most important thing to us is to keep growing,” he says.

In order to ensure that it’s always growing in the right direction, Rentco is continually asking for feedback and suggestions from its customers. “If you have a need that’s not being fulfilled, we’re always interested in looking at new ideas,” Bob wrote in a company newsletter distributed in May. True to his word, it was due to customer demand that Rentco has recently added a stock of terminal tractors to its catalogue.

“Lots of different customers put in requests for terminal tractors, and it was a demand we wanted to supply for. So we put them in the fleet about six months ago, and have been trialling them since then,” explains Bob – revealing that the terminal tractors have been popular among Rentco customers.

“People are loving them. We’ve actually got them out on rental as we speak,” Bob adds, explaining that the 70-tonne capacity terminal tractors are an efficient alternative for moving cargo around in warehouses and terminals, using only around one sixth of the fuel of a regular truck. The tractors also require fewer movements in order to connect the tractor to a trailer, much of which can take place from inside the cab through the cab’s rear door that gives easy access to trailer hoses from within.

Bob explains that Rentco’s terminal tractors are imported from overseas, and that the purchase is only the start of the process of permanently adding the machines to the fleet. “We bought a variety of basic versions and redeveloped them ourselves. We pulled them to bits, had a look and worked out how they needed to be re-engineered. We made sure to take safety aspects into account before offering them to the public,” he explains – adding that their technical improvement is an on-going process.

“We’re still developing different things on them. When people want something different, we change the machine. Now we’re mostly adapting little things to make it easier for the drivers and how they operate the machine. We’ve adjusted some switches and buttons and extended the length of the machine so drivers can get in and out of the back door easier,” says Bob.

But, the range of re-designed terminal tractors isn’t the only new product category Rentco has added this year, with the company also seeing the introduction of a range of lightweight skels built by Freighter. “They’ve been our most popular rental lately,” says Bob – revealing that the company is looking at adding a lot more lightweight skels to the fleet this year.

And, skels are just the beginning of Rentco’s shopping list for 2015. Following their success, the company is now looking to add more terminal tractors and introduce waste trailers to its portfolio as well. As Bob says, “In 2015 we’ll be bringing more into play. We’ve been concentrating on getting the terminal right, working well and accepted. Now we’ve started researching waste trailers, and we’re planning on adding them next year. We’ll keep adding to our fleet for a long time. We’ve enjoyed our first 20 years, and we’re here to stay.”

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