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A Class Act – The Tieman ‘Classic’

  • From the October 2019 issue.
A Class Act – The Tieman ‘Classic’

Sutton Transport has expanded its food grade road tanker fleet with a B-double combination designed and manufactured by Tieman Tankers. This ‘Classic’ stainless steel specification emphasises fleet presentation, operational efficiency and product protection.

Based in the regional town of Numurkah – 228 kilometres north of Melbourne – second-generation family business, Sutton Transport operates a dozen B-doubles that cart bulk liquids along the east coast of Australia. These food grade stainless steel road tankers move various products such as canola oil, fertiliser and milk to where they are needed most.

Director, Mitch Sutton, understands the importance of running a freight business that takes pride in its image.

“Our clients, especially when carting food grade bulk liquids, expect clean tankers,” Mitch says. “It’s a competitive market and the state of your B-doubles when they enter a yard or distribution hub can say a lot about your operations. If you don’t take pride in your fleet, it can raise flags about your obligations and responsibilities, especially in light of Chain of Responsibility, so maintaining a modern road tanker fleet with a quality finish was a crucial consideration when investing in our latest Tieman tanker.”

The latest Tieman tanker to join Sutton Transport’s fleet is a stainless steel, multi compartment B-double combination. The final finish, according to Tieman Tankers, is a true reflection of combining the detailed request of family-owned transport operator, which is proud to showcase itself to the industry, with a 67-year-old family-owned Australian tanker manufacturing business that delivers quality products.

“When Mitch asked us for this high grade spec, our team took on the challenge to customise to his needs,” says Tieman Sales Executive, Brodie Tieman. “This is always a point of difference we offer. I’m proud to be part of the third generation for our family business as we continue to set the industry benchmark for tanker quality.”

The B-double Tieman ‘Classic’ design features a full-length chassis on both the lead and rear tankers. It incorporates Tieman’s unique fail-safe vent that prevents vacuum or over pressurisation of the barrel that can cause damage. Unlike other vents, it cannot break and fall into the tanker which is often a cause of product contamination.

“The insulation capabilities of Tieman’s tankers also ensure that our more temperature-sensitive bulk liquids are protected during long hauls,” Mitch says.

Tieman manufacture everything in-house including suspension subframes as well as a unique lead B-double subframe featuring a huckbolted cross member design that not only is lighter in tare weight, but also offers more payload to other designs and also allows some flex to eliminate future cracking of subframes.

Vehicle operator safety is also front-of-mind for Mitch. “The Tieman B-double can also be top-loaded,” he says. “This development is ideal for workplace health and safety.”

All mild steel that is used is sandblasted in-house prior to applying the undercoat and then Tieman’s premium grade top coat paint that is utilised simply raises the bar on industry tanker finishes.

Tieman, embracing Australian build, quality and smart engineering design, is also proud to deliver a product to Sutton Transport that even in-house has been described as one of the best finished tankers recently built by the company.

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