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A ‘set and forget’ solution

  • From the April 2020 issue.
A ‘set and forget’ solution

Sydney-based heavy haulage firm T.J. Clark & Sons owns four Tuff trailers, each of which sports ultra-durable BPW axles. The latest unit also features Tridec full powered steer BPW axles that enable dramatically improved manoeuvrability in tight situations.

T.J. Clark & Sons is a family owned and operated haulage business that has been moving in step with the Australian transport industry for over 80 years. 

The company specialises in interstate, regional and local heavy haulage operations for an extensive range of loads including standard heavy haulage and the expert service of over-dimensional haulage.

Shifting everything from earthmoving and mining machinery to shipping containers and construction equipment is all in a day’s work for the dedicated T.J. Clark & Sons team.

Operating a large, modern and well-maintained fleet of low loaders, tilt trays and platform trailers with capabilities ranging from five to 150 tonnes, the company places a high priority on personnel safety and optimum fleet performance and efficiencies, all of which go hand-in-hand within any successful business.

According to the company’s Director, Tom Clark, Tuff trailers equipped with BPW axles play an important role in the successful day-to-day operations, perhaps none more so than the latest full powered steer unit that among a diverse range of tasks regularly travels to the Port of Botany to pick up over-dimensional open-top containers in which large mining-spec dump truck tyres are imported.

“We love our Tuff trailers, particularly the newest one — it’s fantastic,” Tom says. “We carry a lot of over-height containers so it’s in and out of tight container yards quite a bit. Our driver reckons it’s a pleasure to operate in these conditions; he says he wouldn’t want to go back to a conventional non-steerable trailer for this sort of work.” 

Tom describes the ability of the new trailer to be backed into tight access as ‘phenomenal’ — adding that it has made the delivery of large gensets to an Australian Defence Force site in Canberra much less stressful for the driver. “It’s more expensive upfront to buy than other trailers but we are able to more than justify the extra cost due to the capability to access places that conventional trailers simply couldn’t be manoeuvered into.”

He also cites examples of difficult access jobsites – such as the inner-city suburb of Waterloo where tunnelling for the Sydney Metro rail project is being undertaken – where the latest Tuff trailer really shines. “Sometimes we’re delivering excavators or 28-tonne wheel loaders to areas that are virtually inaccessible with a normal trailer; the new Tuff unit gives us the flexibility to handle these jobs without a problem.”

In addition to acknowledging the outstanding attributes of the trailers, Tom has high praise for the Tuff team headed up by Managing Director Denis Di Pasquale.

“It’s a pleasure doing business with the company – Denis is a terrific fellow and nothing seems to be a problem for him or his employees,” Tom says. “Throughout the build process we were always kept informed of progress and the workmanship and attention to detail they put into every trailer they build is a credit to them. “We are very happy to recommend them to anyone in the industry.”
Equally enthusiastic about the Tuff trailers equipped with BPW axles is T.J. Clark & Sons driver/mechanic, Stewart Read.  

“I love ‘em,” were the first words uttered by Stewart when asked his opinion about BPW axles. “Especially the Eco Plus drum brake axles that are fitted to all our Tuff trailers, there is just nothing that goes wrong with them.”

Stewart explains that all the rows of four (four tyres per axle) trailers owned by the company run BPW axles and have proven ultra-reliable over many years of operation.

He adds that the large drums and lining area combined with the wear-resistant lining compounds and drum surfaces mean brake relines are a rarity. In essence, a ‘set and forget’ solution.

Stewart has been working for T.J. Clark & Sons for 15 years, mostly driving but also as a mechanic taking care of fleet maintenance. Prior to this he was a long-standing mechanic with Sydney-based Kenworth dealer Gilbert & Roach.

Moving forward, Tom Clark hints that there’s likely to be another highly manoeuvrable full powered steer Tuff trailer joining the fleet as the working environment of the Sydney-based heavy haulage operator continues to constrict.

Meanwhile, Tuff Trailers will continue doing what it does best – building top-shelf bespoke trailers for its discerning customers utilising the brand of axle it deems as befitting trailers of this quality – BPW.

Fast Fact
According to T.J. Clark & Sons Director, Tom Clark, the company’s latest Tuff trailer featuring Tridec full powered steer BPW axles enables the efficient movement of equipment to limited-access areas that would hamstring a conventional trailer.

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